In yesterday’s post about William Hoge’s creepy stalking and harassment of the Kimberlin family, I relied on outdated information when I described their domestic unity as “irretrievably broken.” I am pleased to learn that I was wrong: since I last inquired about their welfare, Mr. and Mrs. Kimberlin have been putting their family life back together again and seeing each other every day.

In that same article, I also caricatured Aaron Walker’s perjured fever-fantasy while explaining Hoge’s key role in making it public. This seemed sensible, since the last thing I wanted to do was repeat the masturbatory details of their defamation. But Mr. Hoge was so very upset by my tongue-in-cheek portrayal of their false legal document that he took to his blog and demanded I retract the entire post.

Few things are as hilarious to me as obsessive, libelous stalkers threatening litigation because I haven’t described their most-complex fictions in full and accurate detail. With only one minor correction, the article stands.

21 thoughts on “A Note From The Department Of Corrections”
  1. Matt, your tongue in cheek posts are well noted for their comedic portrayal of the looney figures you tend to write about. Hoge is no different than any of the myriad of others you have written about, he is not really comical, other than tragicomic. That being said, nothing you said in your previous article was in any way defamatory or libelous. You spoke the truth without getting too deeply into details or rehashing their past mistakes. I commend you for standing tall and keeping the story in tact.

  2. Free speech advocate WJJ Hoge, a man being sued for libel, is demanding that others follow the rules that he himself won’t enforce on his own blog? Wow.

  3. Then the solution here is obvious:

    Matt, start telling the whole truth, the full extent and in accurate detail.

    If Hoggy wants the whole truth, let’s make sure he gets it though I’m quite sure he’s not going to be very pleased about it as it will end up as another case of “be careful what you wish for”.

    1. Yeah, or he will send his gun toting goons after you lol. Of course he wouldn’t be welcome in Alabama and would probably have some negative experiences there. He tends to believe he can sue in MD lol, dumb ass doesn’t really get the picture. He’s going to have to raise some money and start traveling with his stupidity, and in places he would not really be welcome at too. Be kind of nice to see him face justice when he finally gets the picture.

      He’s going to have to get real serious when he starts messing around with people he doesn’t even know. That will be a eye opening experience for him I am sure. Plus, all those loser pays deals. Can’t wait to see him refuse to pay atty’s fees. Be a real eye opener for him when he starts getting those larger judgements against him for his patently false threats.

      Message to Hoge, BU is not Bill, and your not going to umm, how shall we say, be able to roll over people on this website. Chances are you will be met with some serious judgements against you that will end up with you being left with a cardboard box to sleep in. I guess Hoge thinks he can just roll over on anyone because he and Walker are such legal geniuses. Be a laugh riot to see them in areas of the country they don’t have control over.

      I say bring your shit Hoge, its a welcome thing if ya get the drift… Of course simpletons like him don’t get it, they never do.

      1. But, you see, those people are beneath his contempt and he doesn’t take them seriously.

        Though, of course, he’d love nothing more than to sue the crap out of them.

        1. Hoge will eventually lose everything he has, pension, house, property, cars, anything of value. And if he comes after a recognized website, he’s going to start losing those things much quicker than he would on the slower cases against him. No pro se litigation on BU. They going to have to get with a mighty serious law firm that won’t be working on the nickels and dime grifts they manage to obtain.

          Can’t wait to see it though. Going to be a legal beatdown on Hoge et al that has been a long time coming. Come on Hoge, talk is cheap, get to filing, I hear BU’s got a law firm just waiting for your stupidity to come out. But get ready to travel as it aint gonna be in Maryland you loser shitbag two bit grifting snake. Is that liable enough for you? If not I got some more you teenage creeping stalker shitbag.

          Not enough you say?

          I hear you were eyeballing the Kimberlin daughter in sultry ways. Did you have some wet dream fantasies you fucking wannabe pedophile?

          Is that enough for you? If not, just drop us a line, we got plenty more where that came from you fucking piece of living garbage.

          1. The only thing that might happen if Hoge gets his angry on is that one of the Lemmengs will mail another anonymous package of horse manure to Bill’s house. For the win!

  4. I think so, Brain… but can Hoggy actually file a lawsuit against someone not suffering a debilitating disability?

      1. It is more fun for a sadist to grab baby out of his wheelchair and toss his rosy little body into the snow where he and his hobnail boots-wearing jackals can kick for distance.

  5. You cats ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. And I ain’t bragging, because I have nothing to do with it. But wait.

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