According to Peggy Noonan in her recent WSJ (yes its a right wing rag) article, Hillary seems tired and not hungry. Reading this story makes one wonder how hard the right wing wants Hillary gone before she even arrives on the Presidential scene. Noonan, speaking of the recent email-gate said of Hillary:

Did she seem to you a happy, hungry warrior? She couldn’t make eye contact with her questioners, and when she did she couldn’t sustain it. She looked at the ceiling and down at notes, trying, it seemed, to stick to or remember scripted arguments. She was shaky. She couldn’t fake good cheer and confidence. It is seven years since she ran for office. You could see it.

Then after explaining email-gate, Noonan goes on to recount how Hillary just really wants to be rich and wealthy instead of a bum on the government teet.

Maybe what happened to her, in part, is the homes of her Manhattan mega-donors. She’s been in the grand townhouses and Park Avenue apartments since 1992. She’d go in and be met and she saw what they had. Beauty. Ease. Fine art of a particular, modern sort, the kind that is ugly, that reminds its owners that just because they’re rich doesn’t mean they don’t understand that life is hard, painful, incoherent. It is protective, cautionary, abstract and costs $20 million a picture.

But what lives they have! Grace and comfort and they don’t have to worry about the press, they don’t have to feel on the run, they don’t have to press the flesh with nobodies.

She’d like those things! But she went into “public service” and had to live on some bum-squat-Egypt Southern governor’s salary.

She wanted what they have. They’re her friends, no more talented than she. But they went to Wall Street and are oozing in dough. She stayed in the lane she was in. And she figures she missed out on the prosperity her husband presided over.

What a bunch of shit that is. The Clintons are by far wealthy enough to have everything they want. So seeing this tripe from Noonan is somewhat laughable. Of course, Peggy Noonan has never liked Hillary, matter of fact 6 years ago she was complaining that Hillary wasn’t Presidential material:


So I guess this WSJ article is just more of the same from good old bad old Peggy.

The right wing wants Hillary gone of course so they can install their “dictator puppet” in office to do the corporations bidding. The problem really is that left, right or center, most candidates are going to do everything that the corporations that own them tell them to do. We long ago gave up a government by the people and for the people when we allowed mega-corporations to buy everyone in government. It is now a corporate world, with corporate mandates and corporate dictates. The people have not mattered for a very long time. So the question is: do we really need Hillary?

So far, Hillary has been stumbling around looking like a fish out of water. However, who wouldn’t? It is rough waters out there, and more so than it ever was in the 90’s. I hope whoever runs, be it Hillary or Warren, or even Sanders, that they are able to handle the campaign hardships down the road.


By Marcus Crassus

Marcus Licinius Crassus was a Roman general and politician who played a key role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

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