Hello, I am Representative Aaron Schock, Republican from Illinois! I am gonna teach you how to get paid with absolutely no money down! The secret to my success is right here in my new video “How to Make ‘Mo Money without Losing Yo Money.”
You might ask “who’s money should I use?” Well, who got mo’ money than they know what to do with?  THE GOV-MENT
In my video, I am gonna show you how to use that money from the government! Did you know that the government reimburses Congressmen for work-related travel?
You might ask “but how could I use that knowledge to work for me?”
I am glad that you asked!
Let’s look at this chart:
I drove my personal car, a Chevrolet Tahoe, for roughly 80,000 miles between January 2010 and July 2014.
I billed the federal government and my campaign for logging roughly 170,000 miles on my car during that same time period.
I was reimbursed for 90,000 miles more than my car was driven.
What does that equal? Mo’ Money Mo’ Money Mo’ Money
My Mo’ Money seminar will teach you how to get over like Rover the Cassanova!

If you wanna go and take a ride with me
In a private plane to the Bears Game
Oh why do I roll this way?  Hey must be the money!
So what I want to turn my office
Into Downton Abbey in DC
Oh why do I roll this way?  Hey must be the money!

Chevy Tahoe, late night feelin’ right – overbilling Uncle Sam for mileage
And I sold my house to a donor for double its worth

In the House I’ve got the Ways and Means to provide myself with everything
5 Star Hotels, Fancy Restaurants and Bling Bling

P90X now – in Men’s Health now
Moochin’ off the government to get myself wealth now
Haters gonna hate and not congratulate
When I take my interns to Katy Perry concert date now

I like the way I spike my hair – I like the stylish clothes I wear
I am spending federal money like I just don’t care
I see investigators way over there

Aaron Schock Sings “Hey Must Be The Money”
Lyrics by James Rustad. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.

By James Rustad

James Rustad is a songwriter/vocalist/guitarist based in the Tampa Bay (Florida) area. His political satire music has been featured in Breitbart Unmasked, The Washington Post, Seattle PI, Alaska Dispatch, Firebrand Progressives, Politicalgates, Inquisitr, AmandaCoyne.com, The Bergen Record, Air Occupy, and other top publications and media outlets. Check out www.jamesrustad.com for more catchy tunes, follow James on Twitter @jamesrustadsong, and like jamesrustadmusic on Facebook!

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