Boycott Indiana
LGBT community should be treated equally
In the economic and social life of our nation
LGBT people should enjoy their freedoms
And have equal rights

Mike Pence made a bad decision today
Signed into law the RFRA [Religious Freedom Restoration Act]
Business owners religious beliefs
Discriminate against LGBT people
Indiana uses RFRA
To take LGBT rights away

We the people must obey
The corporate religion of the day
Sounds like Christofascism to me
We’ve lost our Holy Democracy
They’ve undercut LGBT rights
We won’t go down without a fight

Why is the courtroom invading the church?
For laws to discriminate they search
Don’t they know it’s the modern age
On “Turn Back the Clock” we must turn the page
You know that we’re on a slippery slope
The RFRA is such a joke

“Boycott Indiana”
Lyrics and Music by James Rustad. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.


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