Marco Rubio kicks off his 2016 presidential campaign on Monday! Listen to James Rustad perform the Marco Rubio campaign theme song “Bottled Water” right here!

Hello, I am Florida Senator Marco Rubio and I am thirsty for your vote for President! [Drinks water] Now that’s what I call some high quality H2O!

I’m gonna tell you a story – all about my family
Yeah – a thug named Fidel Castro – he exiled my family
Yeah – down there in Cuba New Year’s Day 1959
It makes for a great story but for the fact that I am lyin’
They swam across the water to South Florida my home

I’m dehydrated – need my water all the time
High Quality H20 – there ain’t nothing more sublime
Well I love that bottled water
South Florida you are my home

“Bottled Water”
Lyrics by James Rustad. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved.


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