In a stunning defeat in the Carroll County Maryland Court system today, William Hoge, through the State of Maryland, charged Bill Schmalfeldt with violating a peace order by emailing him a letter in an attempt to help his cancer-stricken wife. The peace order of course was filed last year by Mr. Hoge who complained to a district court that Mr. Schmalfeldt had mentioned him in a twitter exchange which Mr. Hoge claimed was harassment. The district court disagreed and sent him packing. Hoge then appealed the dismissal to the higher circuit court where he has a friendly relationship with the Judge sitting on the bench.

The judge heard the case but didn’t know too much about the peace order statute or the protective order statute and gave Mr. Hoge what amounted to a protective order for one year while claiming it was, in fact, a peace order, which are only valid for 6 months and not one year. Now almost 9 months later Mr. Hoge, after pushing every button he could in order to get Mr. Schmalfedlt to violate the order, finally had his opportunity when he announced his poor wife had bone cancer. Mr. Schamlfeldt then wrote Mr. Hoge a nice email detailing how Mrs. Hoge could get some quality care at the NIH where he had previously worked. Hoge then went to prosecutors and filed criminal charges against Mr. Schmalfeldt for violating the peace order over the email.

Today in court, after Mr. Hoge and his minion Mr. Aaron Walker, who had been salivating for a year at the opportunity to throw Mr. Schmalfeldt in jail over any petty nonsense they could come up with, finally had their day in court. Mr. Schamlfeldt, representing himself, made quick work of the lame prosecutor who seemed like a fish out of the water looking for fish food.

When the peace order was presented into evidence Mr. Schmalfeldt asked that the Judge look at it and asked if this was a peace order hearing or a protective order hearing. The prosecutor claimed it was a peace order hearing, and Mr. Schmalfedlt then pointed out that according to the statute in Maryland governing peace orders, that they were only allowed for 6 months, and not for one year, as the one that was issued was issued in obvious error. The prosecutor went limp at that revelation while the Judge immediately noticed the error and claimed that at this point Mr. Schmalfeldt couldn’t be charged with a crime over a clearly illegal peace order.

The Judge then looked at the email for a reference and told the prosecutor that there was clearly no criminal intent with the email, and in fact the email was a very Christian looking letter which appeared to offer help to Mr. Hoge’s wife. At that point, the case was clearly over and done. The court found that Mr. Schmalfeldt hadn’t committed any crimes against anyone, much less Mr. Hoge, who has been claiming for 3 years that he is the victim of a disabled man in a wheelchair and lives in fear for his life that poor Mr. Schmalfeldt might one day hobble over in his walker to abuse the poor addled 67-year-old Mr. Hoge. Laughable I know, but these are the facts in this 3 years long saga.

The case quickly concluded with the prosecutor and Mr. Hoge and Mr. Walker being sent back to their baby cribs to whine over the loss of their lollipops. Prior to the case getting under way however, the lame prosecutor, who looked like she hadn’t prosecuted anything more than jaywalking cases, tried to get Mr. Schamlfeldt to agree to a 1 year supervised probation term which Mr. Schmalfeldt quickly refused to acquiesce to.

After everyone left the courtroom, Mr. Schmalfeldt was seen heading over to the Carroll County Police Commissioners office presumably to file a host of criminal charges against Mr. Hoge for his obvious abuse of the court system and trying to frame Mr. Schmalfeldt for various crimes against him for the last 3 years, all unsuccessfully I might add. But no matter, It appears Mr. Hoge enjoys getting his rocks off on forcing Mr. Schmalfeldt to come to Carroll County some 60 miles away to defend his frivolous charges.

Mr. Schmalfeldt had faced up to 90 days in jail and a 1000.00 dollar fine for this sad little affair. Too bad that Mr. Hoge and his friendly Judge forgot that peace order statutes are only for 6 months and not one year. So the case is now over for Mr. Hoge who will soon have no more hold over Mr. Schmalfeldt, who I might add will be free to once again mock and make fun of the lame wingnuts who hate him so much that they want to see him beaten with baseball bats and then thrown in jail for the rest of his life all because he exposes their right wing hate and horseshit online.


By Marcus Crassus

Marcus Licinius Crassus was a Roman general and politician who played a key role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

16 thoughts on “Wingnut’s Attempt To Jail Disabled Man Fails”
  1. Congrats to Bill!! The truth always wins out, especially against lying forgers like WJJ Hoge.

    Hoge is such a puppet to Aaron “World’s Worst Attorney” Walker that it’s even more laughable than pictures of Hoge’s son stuffing his fat face with bacon dogs.

    Wait, wasn’t Hoge going to sue this website? Another failure of Hoge’s you say? One in a very long line of failures you say? I’ll let the Lemmings exercise their LULZ muscles, I’ll exercise my FU muscles. FU Hoggy, you ugly, obese, irrelevant piece of garbage!!

    1. Yes, Congrats to Bill for standing up to that fool. Winning in enemy country like Carroll county is no easy task, and Bill took them to task and beat back the hordes. He ate them for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  2. Is this the same WJJ Hoge that works at the Goddard Space Museum as a contract employee? That WJJ Hoge? Of Maryland? The one who would rather deal in petty bullshit against a disabled man than tend to the needs of his dying wife? That WJJ Hoge? The self-proclaimed Christian? The man that was denied conservatorship over his own mother? That WJJ Hoge? The one taken to court by a care facility for refusing to pay the $20K for his dying mother’s care? This guy sounds like a real asshole.

    1. Yes, I heard that he said he worked at NASA today, and that was where he obtained his knowledge of what an IP address looked like. Wow, they sure teach them NASA people good, I mean knowing what an IP address looks like is pretty hard for them rocket scientists out there.

      1. Did he seriously say that? That’s hilarious! I didn’t realize NASA had become an adult education center for the computer illiterate. He must be a wizard at programming the clock on the microwave!

  3. Anybody want to see the “insignificant little honey pot” that Hoge directed his minions to build to FOOL us all? It’s now safely tucked away at — be patient, it takes a while to load because it’s so… insignificant.

    1. Geeezus, that is one sick twisted group of wingnuts who set that blog up just to talk about you. They have all these investigations and constant harassment ops going on that it makes one’s head spin. If that wasn’t illegal stalking I don’t know what is. They all claim that you should be jailed, beaten, ruined, run out of town, and basically killed just because they don’t like what you say. Unreal the amount of stalking they were doing. Plus they all profess that law enforcement is looking into everything they are posting about you. I mean that is ludicrous to think that anyone in Law Enforcement would think these guys are not stalkers themselves.

      I have never seen such a sick and twisted bunch of lunatics in one place, and all to a man woman and child, focusing on you and you alone. Geez, what kind of black magic do you possess to get this many people all riled up and wanting to see you dead?

      1. Not only is it creepy that they are so obsessed, but it’s hilarious how little their time is obviously worth. Seriously, do none of them have jobs? I know Grady works at an office goods store, but jesus. Are they all welfare queens? I wish I had that much free time to obsess!!

        1. I don’t think many of them have actual jobs. They sit around all day tweeting and obsessing while collecting crazy checks every month which supports their crazy victimhood. It’s clear that this blog they had was literally a stalking den with this Krendler fellow as the kingpin of it all. And he had one of those criminal attitudes like you’d see with crazed stalkers who had just gotten out of jail.

          I would bet money that Krendler has been jailed numerous times, and probably for beating women or killing cats or stomping dogs or some such thing. He is a real piece of shit.Some of his rants about Bill border on psychotic Jeffery Dahmer obsessions.Note how he claims he has no attachments, it is a common thing with guys in and out of jail. They live on and off the grid in cheesy one room crackhouses just to get by while ripping people off of their possessions to stay alive..

          You can quickly tell he has a fixation on Bill that is quite obsessed. I’m sure he has thought about killing Bill plenty of times. He likes to run ops and thinks he is some super secret guy that no one can find. All he really is is a sick piece of garbage who’s only value in life is swimming in the sewer.


          1. This Patrick Grady person reminds me very much of Jojo Camp, Hunter Moore, and other insane internet personalities that law enforcement has dealt with in the last few years.

          2. Krendler reminds me of a few internet criminals I have read about from time to time. Plus he seemed close to running off and electing someone else to be Krendler. So Bill must have been getting very close to identifying him at some point, and his small balls shriveled up as he headed for the door like most of these internet cowards. They run when caught instead of manning up and facing it…

  4. I’m glad that this is over. After seeing what happened to Roger Shuler, I was really afraid they were going to criminalize liberal blogging in Maryland.

    1. Yes, I think a few posts are in order to cover this entire affair. Especially this stalker blog they had. Boy, that is an amazing amount of stalker material that one could write about.

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