It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to the emerging meme that Freddie Gray somehow severed his own spine, broke his own ribs, and rough-rode himself all over Baltimore for 38 minutes, our Threatcon Color Code is THIN BLUE LINE

  • Let’s be clear: the police presence on Baltimore’s streets preceded the riot, not the other way around
  • While debunking reports that Gray had recently suffered a car accident, The Baltimore Sun disclosed that he was a victim of lead paint. For those who forget, environmental lead exposure created the crime wave of the 60s and 70s, which only subsided after the elimination of lead from our gasoline during the 80s. By historical accident, so-called ‘broken window’ theories of policing emerged at the exact same time that crime rates were already dropping in the 90s. Advocates of the new, more militant approach, which eliminated checks on police abuse of power and installed ‘stop-and-frisk’ policies in the streets of America, have always justified themselves by taking credit for what was actually an environmental justice victory
  • Speaking of environmental justice: Gray attended a segregated school in one of America’s most segregated cities, yet the worst violence inflicted by rioters in Baltimore failed to do anywhere near as much damage to the city as austerity budgets and predatory lending have. America has criminalized poverty, which it punishes with deeper poverty
  • Here is the video evidence and the timeline of Freddie Gray’s ‘rough ride.’ They do not support the story that he hurt himself and suggest someone has been lying to the Washington Post
  • The second prisoner in the van could not actually see Gray, and his story actually makes more sense as evidence that Gray was in serious trouble
  • Baltimore has paid out $5.7 million in settlements related to police misconduct during the last five years
  • Gray also suffered a head injury at some time between his arrest and his arrival. Unless someone used a Star Trek teleportation device to frame the Baltimore PD, this means he was injured while he was inside the enclosed van — handcuffed, unrestrained by a seatbelt, and unable to steady himself against any violent vehicle motion
  • As conservative outlets continue to seek out new depths in reporting to frame the riot that erupted in Baltimore this week as a race war, remember that their narratives all boil down to a zero-sum game of racial supremacy
  • Did you hear about the activists who threatened revolution and uprising in Baltimore if they didn’t get their way? Oh, wait, my bad — that was anti-gay activists in Colorado Springs referring to the pending Supreme Court decision on marriage equality
  • Did you hear about the US Senator who fraternized with Baltimore rioters? Whoops, my mistake — that was Ted Cruz pallin’ around with Jerry DeLemus, ‘commander’ of welfare rancher Cliven Bundy’s ‘uprising’
  • Did you hear about the armed, out-of-town rioters that showed up to heckle a press conference by Baltimore community leaders who were upset about the negative news coverage? Aw, darn! There I go again, so sorry, those were actually the ‘Oath Keepers’ and militia ‘patriots’ in Josephine County, Oregon


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  1. My favorite Pat Buchanan joke:

    Did you know Pat Buchanan had a relative who died at Auschwitz? He fell out of a guard tower.


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