Gateway Pundit released what appears to be a message from the terrorist group ISIS which claims that Virginia is at the top of their list on places they will be attacking soon. While the message cannot be verified as coming from ISIS directly, the method in which they used to post this warning comes from the same JustPasteIt anonymous message board that the group has used in the past. The message warns Americans that they have 71 soldiers in 15 different states ready to attack the United States whenever they are ready. Named as targets were the states of Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California, and Michigan, which Virginia being mentioned as first on the list.


BU has discussed at length one individual who is from Manassas Virginia who posts under the twitter handle @AaronWorthing who in reality is Manassas Attorney at Law Aaron Walker, who has spent the last 5 years trying to get Islamic extremists to issue a fatwa against him or engage in a running gun battle with him. He has challenged Islamic extremists to “come and get him bitches,” and tells them to be ready for him because he has a gun and seems more than willing to shoot it out with them in the streets of Manassas Virginia.


BU has questioned Walker’s sanity and those of his followers who have engaged in a 5-year pattern of insulting the Prophet Mohammed, drawing cartoons depicting the Prophet as a pedophile and various other drawings that are as disgusting as Walker and his followers can make them. Walker has claimed in the past on several occasions that he gets all misty eyed over these creations, which indicate that these drawings of the Prophet Mohammed are more than just a free speech issue for him.

Walker appears to actually enjoy the images he has created in the past, and during the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France, he was all over Twitter producing several of these cartoons on his twitter timeline, while at the same time mocking those who would be offended by them.

With this new revelation by the ISIS terror group against the state of Virginia, but with no actual city being mentioned, we again question why the authorities are not at least taking more proactive steps in getting Walker to shut down his incessant rantings and ravings on Twitter, and then possibly moving him to a safer location whereby those who live next to him or those in his community are not potentially attacked because he lives there. ISIS warned in the same message that those who draw the Prophet Mohammed will suffer consequences for doing so.

“Let anyone who wants to draw the picture of our Prophet to think one thousand times before doing so, because our hands can reach his neck,”

While BU cannot verify that the ISIS terrorists are actually targeting Walker or even the city of Manassas Virginia, we cannot think of anyone else at this time who is in the state of Virginia and is as prolific as Walker is in his desire to engage with Islamic extremists while drawing disgusting images of the Prophet Mohammed at the same time, and all in public view. We also question why the authorities are not at the very least setting up a security detail for Walker’s neighbors who probably do not even know what Walker has been up to for all these years. Do they not deserve some modicum of protection from either Walker or ISIS or those who follow this terror group?


By Marcus Crassus

Marcus Licinius Crassus was a Roman general and politician who played a key role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

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  1. The FBI won’t do a thing until afterwards, and then they’ll scratch their heads as the media says, “Who could have seen a thing like this coming?”

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