It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to rampant conspiracy theories of a military takeover being taken seriously by the Republican governor of Texas, our Threatcon Color Code is JADE HELM

One thought on “Thursday THREATCON – Texas Takeover Edition”
  1. Thanks, Matt, for those brilliant and astonishingly comprehensive summaries of the raging nuttiness infesting the laughable wackadoodle conservative lunatics. I started to write “lunatic fringe,” but the obvious prevalence of so much simultaneous nonsense suggests that it takes more than fringe element to keep this kind of rank nonsense going. As long as there are “true believers” whose criterion for belief consists of nothing more than a DESIRE to believe, we will continue to see this kind of pandemic paranoia running loose upon the land.

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