Gail Maureen Rice Balcerak Schmalfeldt, wife of former BU writer Bill Schmalfeldt, passed away this morning after a prolonged illness. She was 61 years old and had been married to Bill for 27 years.

Everyone at BU has profound sympathy for Bill’s loss.

3 thoughts on “Wife Of Former BU Writer Passes”
  1. So sorry, Bill. You loved a great woman for over 20 years, a feat many of your detractors cannot claim. Bless you, man.

  2. Hoge got something like 140 comments on his blog when he announced — on the same afternoon Gail died — that his wife seemed to be in remission. “Oh the goodness and glory of God.” Others are saying Gail died to escape my tormenting her. Some are claiming she’s not really dead and that this is just a scam. For the first time in my life, I honestly would like to single out a few of these idiots for a baseball game in a corn field with just bats and no balls. Just thigh bones, ribs, kneecaps. Like the old days with my Dad and Uncles. That’s how they sorted out shit like this back then. Roger knows what I’m talkin’ about.

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