It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to the Treasury Department’s plan to take Alexander Hamilton off the $10 bill and replace him with a woman, our Threatcon Color Code is PINK GREENBACK

  • The Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision is expected today. That keening sound you hear is the wailing and gnashing of teeth by right wing culture warriors, who speak about the topic in increasingly apocalyptic and insurrectionist language
  • Seven months ago, I called attention to the disturbing probability that white supremacist organizations have active members wearing police blue all over the country. Yesterday, Keegan Hankes of the Southern Poverty Law Center blog found two members of the white supremacist League of the South in the Anniston, Alabama police department. Both officers have been suspended, but how many more of them are out there, empowered to enact racist fantasies with badges and guns?
  • In what police are calling a hate crime, a white man entered a historic black church in Charleston, SC last night and shot nine people dead
  • Peter Montgomery at Right Wing Watch takes a long look at extremist David Lane, a Christian nationalist and political operative with an un-American agenda whose close relationship to top Republicans ought to draw way more criticism than it has
  • Fired from his mall cop job for giving too many employees the creeps, open carry activist Alexander Kozak returned with his handgun and shot his latest sexual harassment accuser three times in the back as she fled from him in terror. Some of the anonymous weenies at a “men’s rights” forum found it “hard to blame” him for the murder
  • House Republicans are trying to overturn Title X, a move which would deny birth control, testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, and treatment for those diseases, to millions of low-income Americans. This is a purely ideological attempt to please the forced-birth lobby, which is no longer satisfied attacking abortion services anymore and seeks to cut off access to contraception, too. If the GOP succeeds, count on disease epidemics breaking out in American communities. We’ve already seen how this worked out in Indiana; perhaps now we’ll observe the same events on a national scale
  • Pursuant to the previous point, Congress has an 8 percent approval rating
  • A new report from the International Monetary Fund says that income inequality is bad for economic growth. Also: water is wet
  • New York Times conservative columnist David Brooks is ducking questions about bogus research cited in his latest book
  • Kudos to Angelo Carusone for catching Donald Trump’s paid actors at his campaign launch, which would have gone much better with a teleprompter. But did you know that “rent-a-crowds” are already a real thing?

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  1. Does anyone actually read this blog? Lol. If a lib runs its mouth on a blog that no one reads, does it still sound like a dummy? My guess is yeah.

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