William Hoge, a conservative blogger who has spent more than two years trying to sue former BU writer Bill Schmalfeldt and have him arrested, saw his latest effort to obtain a peace order shut down yesterday by Howard County, MD Circuit Court Judge Timothy McCrone.

As Hoge finished presenting his case, McCrone asked the plaintiff whether he understood the legal principle of ‘res judicata,’ which holds that matters adjudicated by one court cannot be argued again by the same parties in a different venue.

Despite the fact that Hoge loves the phrase, and even sells merchandise with the words ‘res judicata’ printed thereon, he was unable to state his case to McCrone in an effective manner. Stammering, the ever-vain Hoge instead attempted to tell the judge how to do his job.

Indicating that Hoge had already had a hearing on the merits of his case in Carroll County, Judge McCrone then told the plaintiff that he could not get a second bite at the apple in Howard County, and dismissed the case.

It was perhaps the most embarrassing courtroom defeat ever for Hoge, who once stood behind the plaintiff’s table trying to argue with a different judge who had just dismissed his frivolous lawsuit and was walking away from the bench.

56 thoughts on “Res Judicata: MD Judge Shuts Down William Hoge’s Legal Harassment”
  1. There is a tale of a person I’ve only heard of and never had the displeasure of meeting. I think perhaps because this person doesn’t exist. The internet says this person exists but I couldn’t imagine such a pussy, cuckold, wimp, liar, freak, coward and embellisher of his own life to ever really walk the planet.

    Someone who tries to vexatiously control what others say about him and has worse internet karma than a convicted felon. Someone who has been accused several times of stalking people, old men in wheelchairs, young teenagers, and anyone who has ever had an adverse thing to say about him on the internet.

    A real nowhere man. A person who accomplished nothing, a person who name drops but had no more impact on the 20th century or the space race than engineering warm coffee for the real men out there scouring the moon and planting the United States flag on it.

    A man with a genetic mistake and perpetual dependent because he could not be a good father and raise an independent adult who contributes to this great nation. He raised a slave named “reek” who merely satisfies his whims and doesn’t shatter his fragile ego by becoming a man of his own (he might actually grow his own mane and challenge the older male-can’t ever have that).

    A man who is not a man. He is a boy, coddled by universities and the promise of eternal government paychecks for doing nothing for no one in particular. A thing, a eunuch with no accomplishments in life and not the courage God gives a smaller animal to fight in the face of a larger predator. A person whose natural defense in life has been to roll over and piss himself in the face of adversity. To hop instinctively to his knees and beg for mercy, his life and for a pain free experience in exchange for eternal bootlicking and cuckoldry to a superior set of balls.

    In essence, a no one, and a persona non grata. Alive or dead, in good health or bad his name is mud and he is a ghost, a cuckold in the closet too cowardly to defend anything other than his internet reputation.

    1. One correction, BR. Hoge is only too cowardly to defend himself outside of Maryland. Ever wonder why Hoge’s threats against Matt fall to the floor like gravy from his beard? He’s a coward. WJJ Hoge of Westminster is a coward. If Bill moves to Iowa, Hoge has no enemy. He will have no one to sue, no one against whom he must spend endless amounts of money on endless failed peace orders, no one to claim he is afraid of. If he hates Kimberlin so much, then get PO’s against him! He won’t because BK is an able-bodied man that can defend himself against army of douchebags (if an army made up of less than 20 people can be called an army). Without Bill to harass, Hoge has nothing to discuss on his blog and his 20 commenters and their various socks will fade away and Hoge will be faced with the reality of his life: he’s alone, he’s unlikable, he’s mean-spirited, he’s petty. He is worthy of mocking and laughing at, but that’s about it.

    1. It’s hard to be too harsh to you right now, Eric P. Johnson of Paris, TN, since you were the only person in the Hogeverse who seemed genuine in your condolences about my recent loss. But your comment sort of has that “I am rubber, you are glue” thing about it. He’s clearly talking about the worst person in the world, WJJ Oswald Cobblepot Hoge the XV.

    2. It is rumored that this person has an ancestor who died in the confederate army, valiantly saving a black man’s life. While I’ve never been able to prove or disprove the claim, his ancestor was actually the first person to ever be recorded falling for the “I got bit by a rattlesnake right here” gag and asphyxiated himself trying to suck out the venom.

      The other soldiers and Cleetus “three legs” McRay, the black man at the heart of the gag all shared a belly laugh at this man’s experience. The confederacy awarded the whole regimen who conceived of the gag that killed this Scottish town drunk medals of valor. It was the opinion of General Lee, at the time, that anyone stupid enough to fall for the gag was better off dead and chivalry for the other side was still fashionable.

  2. The big moment for me is when Hoge said, “He thinks he has a first amendment right to post comments on my blog when I don’t want him to.” I managed to not point at him and laugh. OF COURSE it’s my constitutional right to post on an open comment section on a blog. Making the friggin’ thing “members only” if you don’t want people to comment.

  3. And consider this… Hoge will now have to argue AGAINST the successful argument he made in my now-dead lawsuit against him. In her memorandum opinion dismissing my lawsuit, Judge Kramer cited Maryland Courts and Judicial Proceedings § 6-201: “[A] civil action shall be brought in a county where the defendant resides, carries on a regular business, is employed, or habitually engages in a vocation.” She says the reason for dismissing the lawsuit was not because Hoge is all cool and shit, but that EPWJ had so far dodged my attempts to serve him and I had not served “Krendler” or “Howard Earl”.

    “If Defendant Hoge were the only defendant in the matter, there is no question that his motion to dismiss for improper venue would be granted.”

    Well, a peace order is a civil action. I am the only defendant. I live in Howard County, not Carroll County. Hoge is going to have to explain to the Carroll County judge how CL §6-201 applies in HOWARD County, but not CARROLL County.

    If he thought he was humiliated in the Howard County Circuit Court and I didn’t even present any testimony or evidence, wait until I’m done with him on August 7. He made my argument for me.

    The wise thing to do for Hoge if he does not want to be a laughing stock would be to withdraw his appeal. Of course, look who we are talking about.

  4. Mr. Hoge is a real sadist, pure and simple. How many hundreds of false charges has he made against Bill? He reminds me of Craig Hicks, that obsessive, compulsive lunatic in Chapel Hill who watched Muslims out his apartment window and recorded every time they parked in “his” parking spot. He yelled at them and threatened them for years on end and then snapped, shooting three beautiful human beings. Hoge will snap one day and that will be his undoing. He is very close now. Your description of him stammering, stuttering and telling the judge how to do his job is priceless. He is obviously desperate, grasping at straws, and unhinged. His hold on reality is hanging by a thread. It may be that Mr. Hoge is simply senile and has to relive everything over and over like the old man who sits in his rocker at the old folks home telling everyone who passes by about that time during War in France when he shot that German in the back as he was raising the white flag to surrender.

    Mr. Hoge is spiraling out of control, down a sewer pipe and one day he will be gone, from Bill’s life, from your pages.

    This week in this wonderful country we live in, bigots lost big time. Love won out in Charleston and in the Supreme Court. The flag that people like Hoge wrap themselves in is being relegated to a museum. Hate, harassment and bigotry always lose in the end. That’s why Mr. Hoge is losing and will continue to lose until he can’t take it anymore and then ……

    1. Wow, you mena he could get sooo unhinged that he would plant a bomb at a children’s event? Maybe even molest underage Ukrainian girls?

      1. Yes, Hoge and Walker dream of molesting girls and planting bombs at birthday parties. This is why they write about it obsessively and constantly project their dream behavior on their enemies. Why do you think R.S. McCain tried to make a pass at Tetyana? Who does that with someone they actually believe to be a victim? Answer: only dirty old men with shriveled penises would try to convince the world that their enemy has been raping his own family, and such monsters are actually telling us their own fantasies. So a better question is, why do you support those assholes? Do you really hate the imaginary monster Brett Kimberlin, or do you really hate yourself for wanting to BE the imaginary monster Brett Kimberlin? I think it’s the latter.

        1. Matt,
          there is fantasy and there is fact. Fact is that your hero planted a bomb to kill children and innocent people and its a fact he brought a underage girl into the country for immoral purposes.
          Physical acts, with sworn testimony in court and on police reports is what I have. What you have is puerile name calling, and no proof. In all the months and years this is the first I’ve heard of his wife making a complaint about RS McCain who has little if no personal contact with her one on one.
          2 men are honored graduates of top universities and are highly regarded. The other is a convicted criminal violent felon who is essentially still on parole for the rest of his life and faces returning to prison at any moment if he should regress.

          1. It is not a “fact” that Kimberlin brought “an underage girl” into the US. Just because your favorite blogs TELL you this was true, does not MAKE it true. Tetyana was 17 when she came to the US. Also: she’s the one your heroes fear most these days because she tells the truth about them.

            For instance, Tetyana is the one who recounts your hero R.S. McCain making the pass at her in 2013 (yes, he DID have direct contact with her at the time, as did Walker and Hoge).

            As far as “sworn testimony” goes, are you referring to the people who testified against Kimberlin on the basis of their sessions with the hypnotist? Because there’a reason why that sort of spectral evidence is no longer allowed in courtrooms. Or are you referring to Julia Scyphers’ granddaughter telling the grand jury that Kimberlin never touched her? Oh, wait, your favorite bloggers never told you about that part, did they? Just another example of how disingenuous they are with you.

            But you reveal the true darkness at work in the smears you’re perpetuating when you say he “faces returning to prison at any moment if he should regress.” That is exactly what your lunatic friends have been trying to do since 2011: frame him for new crimes hoping to put him back in prison. It’s why the SWAT calls all sound like Brandon Darby, it’s why the Kimberlin family has endured years of harassment and false reports to law enforcement, and it’s why your pals at Hoge’s blog have been caught forging evidence against Schmalfeldt.

            All you have are falsehoods and fakery.

          2. Matt,
            Setting off bombs at childrens events, dodging legal judgments, convictions for drug dealing, perjury, numerous other crimes, filing false criminal charges, fake lawsuits that are thrown out wholesale, hiding behind false harassment charges, using his wife and children as human shields, Matt everything you just said contradicts not only public records but sworn affidavits and testimony. You can try to reset the narrative by making up facts or accepting the word of a convicted perjurer, but the only person you are deluding is yourself. You also made the statement that people hve been caught forging documents – ask Bill why he forged my name on a book jacket on Amazon? You ca make all sorts of wild claims but the legal facts speak clearly enough, even in the Republic of Maryland

          3. Upvoted, because “ask Bill why he forged my name on a book jacket on Amazon?” is the perfect manifestation of your special kind of perverted crazy.

            “False harassment charges” — At what point do Tetyana and her kids get to demand your obsessive kook friends STOP making their lives hell by smearing their family? At what point do all of Hoge’s sadistic attempts to jail Bill S. count as “false harassment charges”? And looooooooong before Kimberlin sued anyone, why didn’t Hoge and Walker filing LOLsuits that got thrown out of federal and state courts count as “wholesale”?

          4. Is your name “EPWJ”? I wrote a fake review, just like you did. I did not write “Eric P. Johnson of Paris, TN.” I wrote EPWJ. That is not forging your name.

          5. As a former GS13 editor, an acclaimed national radio host, I’m shocked that you are clueless, no wait….

          6. I am not at all surprised that you are either so drunk, stupid or brain damaged that you think writing the initials “EPWJ” is the same as writing your name. Maybe I meant “Elmo Peter Watterson James.”

            YOUR NAME IS ERIC P. JOHNSON. YOUR NAME IS NOT “EPWJ” And I am not going to argue about such a STUPID point. Flake off.

          7. Hmmmm,
            oes’t want to own up to blatant forgery while accusing others of forging something you probably wrote (credibility ????)


            If you EVER write the letters E, P, W, and J, in that order, YOU ARE FORGING ERIC JOHNSON’S NAME!

            Please, stop with the drunk posting.

          9. eh,
            All you have is the fact you forged something openly and refuse to acknowledge it. Good job, I mean, why would anyone forge something – kind of like why would anyone make child porn?

          10. Yeah,
            Funny how some people on their ex employers forum threaten to rape underage boys, even after being told they were underage. Then make sex stories of grade school age kids having sex with adults.
            Yeah and then post pics with young girls on their many disappearing websites making lewd comments…….
            yeah some degenerate people do that, like bring 15 year old Ukrainian girls into the country and have sex with them against their will

          11. Why did you do all that, Eric? Do you like bald pussy? Is that it? That’s something you need to discuss with your therapist. Now, do not contact me any further. I have no interest in discussing anything with an adjudicated daughter diddler. (Is that why they went to Indonesia? To escape your nightly “tuck in’s”?

            Fuck off Eric. You are playing with dynamite and it is ready to explode.

          12. In other words, child porn producers hitch rides with terrorists who bring in 15 year olds for love and friendship against their will?
            Also you are replying to me on a public forum correct? Making assertions you know to be false (again)
            Be Well,

        2. Its actually more than that. Walker molests Muslims every day, not in a sexual sense but something even worse — by insulting their very humanity, their very existence. Walker has not been employed for almost four years, and he does not even look for a job. Instead, he spends every waking hour on Twitter harassing people, picking fights and making asinine arguments to support his extremist positions. He pleads with Muslims to come to his home so he can shoot them. That is abnormal from any point of view.

          McCain’s blog is a sex tabloid, a joke, and the sad thing is that McCain is actually a very talented writer who just wasted his career on hate and bigotry. As a member of the League of the South, he and his ilk were hoisted high for everyone to see the past week. And it was a very ugly sight.

          From your description of Hoge in court this week, I perceive him as a lost soul, both in spirit and in mind. He probably talks to himself and reads books about obsessive serial killers to get pointers on how to stalk. Only a sadist would haul a Parkinson’s patient into court days after his wife died to accuse him of making a comment on a blog. Anyone in their right mind would correctly call that evil, Josef Mengele evil.

          So Matt your question to EPWJ is right on — why does he support Hoge, or Walker or McCain? I’ll tell you why. Either he is a sock, or he is an ideologue who does not care about corruption from his side. Like the fools who spread the lie about Obama being born in Kenya, EPWJ does not care about the facts. If he did, he would be condemning con men like Ali Akbar and Paul Lemmen, and people who manufacture false evidence against Mr. Schmalfeldt to “win” a Peace Order.

          Mr. Hoge has become a side show, a circus, a clown and a fool. He cannot be taken seriously by anyone. Judges by the droves have thrown him out of court and mocked him as the dunce he has become. He is the jester who surrounds himself with people who laugh at him, but he does not realize they see him as a form of entertainment rather than a serious player.

          What is particularly sad is that Mr. Hoge is wasting the golden years of his life engaged in a quest for hate. There must be, as you point out, some profound self loathing on his part, some major failure in his own life that made him strike out. Did he decide to stalk people in order to get attention and to bring him out of obscurity? Obviously, his life was lonely and inconsequential before he started stalking. But now he has morons like EPWJ sucking up to him and supporting him on BU. Wow, he can now pound his chest. Mr. Hoge will never realize that he is but one of many notorious slimebags who don the pages of BU. Well done, sir,

      2. Eric, stop with the Kimberlin schtick. I do not care about Kimberlin. I don’t know him and his life is inconsequential to me. This story is about Hoge’s sadistic harassment of a disabled man. You guys throw in Kimberlin to justify your hatred of Bill. Stranahan, Walker, McCain, Akbar and Lemmen are all goddam saints to you, but Bill is evil. Grrrrr!!! Evil!!! You wedge Kimberlin into the narrative to bash anyone you disagree with as being a pedophile by extension. Because that’s what adults do? You don’t want a debate, you want to yell ‘pedophile’ and ‘pedo supporter’ at people to discredit them. Why? Because you disagree with their politics? That’s sick! Have a debate with Bill about contemporary politics, then. Throw it up on Youtube. But stop pretending that you guys are on some moral crusade against the evil BK. It’s such bullshit. Why haven’t Walker and Hoge ever raised money to aid Kimberlin’s supposed victims? They use their names to raise money for “court fees” but never give money to the people they feel are the real victims. Why is that, Eric? If the moral crusade were one motivated by empathy and not greed, why don’t you guys all do a fundraiser, don’t allow Hoge to keep his “fee” and donate it to a cause that makes a difference? Use your hate for something more than writing Amazon reviews. You’re a troll, not a do-gooder.

        1. Bill,
          You look in the mirror and what do you see a man who has disgraced himself. Kimberlin is a cruel man who is continuing to do evil and all of you excuse and defend him.

          1. I am not Bill, but thanks for reinforcing our view that you are paranoid and delusional, Eric. Is it that unfathomable to believe that someone supports a disabled man that has endured years of harassment from assholes? Really?But once again, you have to focus on Kimberlin to justify your own irrational hatred. It’s quite sad and pathetic. It’s a waste of your time, Eric. Do more with your life.

          2. Mark, he is a hypocrite. It’s all about ideology nothing more. They don’t give a shit about what Kimberlin did or did not do. How many millions of felons are there in the USA? But they focus on Kimberlin because of politics. They focus on Bill because he exposed them as hypocrites and scoundrels. And they can’t stand it that those two guys hold them accountable for their vicious conduct. Yet they give all the criminals in their gang a pass — Akbar, Lemmen….
            Obama was not born in Kenya but some people interject that falsehood into every argument about Obama. That’s what Eric and Mr. Walker do with Kimberlin. It shows their shallowness and lack of critical thinking. Why did an entire country follow Hitler for years — because they lost their ability to think critically because of ideology and brainwashing. That’s the same thing that is happening here with EPWJ.

          3. “Who is continuing to do evil” according to…?

            And what exactly is this “evil”? Be specific. WHAT is Kimberlin actively doing now? Not in 1979, or even 1999, but in 2012 and 2013 and 2014 and 2015. Or rather, what do your favorite bloggers TELL you that he’s been doing in those years? And what actual proof do they present, other than their own opinions?

            Draw me the direct line between Kimberlin and kooky Ron Brynaert. You can’t do it, and your heroes have been trying to find or invent that link for YEARS.

            Consider the fact that they have been demonstrably wrong about this website since Day One. I am the living proof, which is why not one of them said a fu***ng thing about it when I unmasked. There was only stunned silence out there.

          4. Matt,
            Brett Kimberlin is still a violent felon on parole who is still dodging legal judgments for his past misdeeds, Your rationalization of your support for him, that his criminal behavior is in the past, I’m sorry life just doesn’t work that way. Brett will have to answer for this latest string of failures – how many judges now have said his suits are without merit?

          5. This does not make any sense. I talked to an attorney friend of mine and he said without hesitation that if Mr. Kimberlin was on parole and was not paying a valid legal judgment, he would be sanctioned by the Parole Board. He also said that if there was a valid judgment, the judgment holder could file motions to enforce the judgment. But neither the Parole Board nor the supposed judgment holder is doing anything, obviously because there is no judgment and no parole. It sounds like EPWJ is spreading more false information just like the people who say Obama was born in Kenya and Hillary wanted Benghazi to happen and her husband killed Vince Foster. EPWJ thinks that if he says the lie enough times on enough blogs that it will somehow become true. This is character assassination pure and simple.

          6. “Life doesn’t work that way” — IOW you have no proof whatsoever that he’s currently committing crimes, or has committed any recently, so you just insist that’s the case regardless. Just like you have no evidence whatsoever that he’s currently on parole, but assert it with confidence and cluck at how misguided I am for asking to see proof.

            Please try this approach in a mock trial or a debate sometime so you can see how it works out in practice.

          7. I’m going to say this once, at the risk of constantly repeating my stance with an instance person and sounding as insane as you sound. I don’t give two flying fucks about Brett Kimberlin. If I had two fucks to give a fuck in the hand is better than two fucks in a bush.

            What you tried and are continuing to do is hijack the thread. The thread is about a senior citizen cuckold who fronts like a big shot at nasa and wears bow ties who is actually a real piece of shit as a human being that seeks peace orders on cripples in wheel chairs, days after his victim’s wife is dead.

            We’re talking about a piece of shit whow kept tabs on a 16 year old girl, not in his immediate family for no rational, explainable reason whatsoever. None. He just can recite everything about her life, follow her on Twitter and Facebook or whatever and none of this sounds creepy as fuck to you Eric. I thought you had daughters yourself?

            You complain about convicted felons a lot but you gave and give money to a convicted felon who was convicted of debit card fraud. You cry and wail for Lee Stranahan’s dead baby and justify all of your abhorrent behavior because bill tormented them about it. You give Paul Lemmen a pass on every single shitty thing he has done and coddle him in your merry band of frlons because he says he is a conservative now.

            In the scorecard of who has more felons on the team you are winning by a mile, and yet we are not even addressing that here in this post. In this post we are hearing you trying to rationalize, give one good god damn reason why you, Patrick Grady, John Hoge, Aaron justin Walker, Jeanette Runyon, Paul Lemmen, David edgren or any of the other socks in your locker should be trying to destroy bill’s life and kick him while he is grieving the loss of his wife.

            Why are you doing that to him? Because you say he did that to others? How is that a valid or even justifiable reason for any of what you are doing? By what measure does “bill did it, so I am going to do it but be 10x more disgusting as a human being when I do it,”

            Newsflash, asshole. Bills is in a fucking wheelchair and his wife is dead. I don’t care if he is prone to outbursts in which you are offended by. You are the subhuman filth that spends, hours, days, weeks, months and years making a man who is already sick, who already has a dead wife, miserable by posting lies about him, out of context quotes, insults about his dead wife, him, his family his ex-wife and his children and now…. Even his dogs and coffee pot? Is there no end to the disgusting, vile, nasty, and sub human behavior you and your leader William John Joffry Hoge-lannister will not display against an already sick and dying human being?

            The startling aspect of this conversation is you are not even capable to see your disgusting and vile behavior, and simply shout past it as if it should never be looked at by itself.

            Let’s look at it by itself. Why are you doing this to bill, Eric? Why is William John Joseph Hoge doing this to bill, Eric? Why?

          8. Matt,
            All these years this gang has been talking about a judgment and about parole but they have never once ever provided any evidence of any judgment or any parole?? I don’t buy it–if there was such evidence, these obsessive people would have produced it. As they say, put up or shut up.

  5. Why did Bill delete his blog today? Doesn’t he know in Maryland in a lawsuit that action can and will be considered under a number of statutes? Saw Twitter gave him the door as well.

      1. I know that lying about the age of a sexually assaulted by child Brett Kimberlin, him being accused by his own wife of repeatedly raping her as a child and his long term convictions for bombings, terror, drug dealing as well as perjury. Then trying to sweep these crimes away as long ago in the past when he is still on parole for more decades and make this con man shyster terrorist pedophile a victim is some kind of lame – I agree thts more lame, and guess what – so did the State of Maryland

        1. “lying about the age of a sexually assaulted by child Brett Kimberlin” — that sentence doesn’t even make coherent sense, much less contain a single word of truth. What child are you even talking about? The one who told the grand jury in 1979 that he’d never touched her, only to have your favorite bloggers repeat the scurrilous accusation without ever even contacting her for a quote?

          Or are you referring to the perjured, sick fantasy that Aaron Walker typed up and then tried (and failed) to get Tetyana to endorse? Because you literally just put words in her mouth that she never said. This is the same woman telling anyone who will listen that Walker and Hoge are stalkers trying to destroy her family — but you totally discount that, don’t you?

          In your crazy, obsessive mind, whatever Tetyana actually says about her husband or his tormentors is discounted, yet every word they ever put in her mouth is completely true. Do you even see how demented that is?

          1. She made a long sworn statement to the police. And listed her true Birthdate. But I’m not a crack journalist like you…. You can read it for yourself. How many cases has Brett, Rodger and Bill Lost (All of them?)

          2. Really? Tetyana made a “sworn statement to police”? No, not really. Your buddy Aaron Walker penned a novel about his creepy sexual obsessions with members of the Kimberlin family. It doesn’t contain her “true birthdate,” either. And how do I know it’s bullshit? Because Tetyana herself says so. That’s your problem, EPJW — not me, not Brett, not Bill, but the alleged victims themselves denouncing Walker’s freakish sadomasochistic fantasies.

          3. MAtt, His wife swore out a statement, and the records filed in Maryland predate Walker and Hoge
            Also the courts just found that Walker and Hoge did not harass a minor.
            Try again

          4. “his wife swore out a statement” — Again, you’re referring to Walker’s sick sex fantasy, and adding another layer of fantasy. What “records” predate Walker and Hoge? Are you referring to Tetyana’s Soviet-era travel document which has her actual, real, not-imaginary date of birth?

            “The courts” found no such thing, EPJW.

            “The statement the boyfriend” — THE CRIPPLERRRRRR!!! actually has a documented history of impregnating young teenage girls. Funny how you ignore the actual pedophile to “prove” an imaginary one exists.

            “is now subject to review by authorities” — that’s pure fantasy.

            So what we’ve proven here is that you’ll believe whatever you want, regardless of the truth or even what the putative “victims” actually say.

          5. Brett is a Svengali, don’t you know?

            And if Eric believes that, I have shares in a brass mine I’d like to sell him.

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