William Hoge, a conservative blogger who has spent more than two years trying to sue former BU writer Bill Schmalfeldt and have him arrested, saw his latest effort to obtain a peace order shut down yesterday by Howard County, MD Circuit Court Judge Timothy McCrone.

As Hoge finished presenting his case, McCrone asked the plaintiff whether he understood the legal principle of ‘res judicata,’ which holds that matters adjudicated by one court cannot be argued again by the same parties in a different venue.

Despite the fact that Hoge loves the phrase, and even sells merchandise with the words ‘res judicata’ printed thereon, he was unable to state his case to McCrone in an effective manner. Stammering, the ever-vain Hoge instead attempted to tell the judge how to do his job.

Indicating that Hoge had already had a hearing on the merits of his case in Carroll County, Judge McCrone then told the plaintiff that he could not get a second bite at the apple in Howard County, and dismissed the case.

It was perhaps the most embarrassing courtroom defeat ever for Hoge, who once stood behind the plaintiff’s table trying to argue with a different judge who had just dismissed his frivolous lawsuit and was walking away from the bench.