I, Dr. James K. Rustad, M.D., take on the “Anti-Vaxxer” movement with my new article “Anti-Vaccination Nation.” The article features the music videos for the parody songs “She don’t use Vaccines” and “Livin’ In Fear Of Ebola.”

The late Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko famously dubbed California “the world’s largest outdoor insane asylum.”  Royko nicknamed California Governor Jerry Brown “Governor Moonbeam” as Brown appeared to be attracting “the moonbeam vote” (i.e., young, idealistic and nontraditional). Yesterday “Governor Moonbeam” broke away from “Moonbeamers” Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy by signing a bill (Senate Bill 277) preventing parents in the state of California from seeking vaccine exemption for their children on the basis of philosophical and religious beliefs. Last week, the Assembly voted 46-30 to pass the bill, which will go into effect on July 1, 2016.

I am a huge fan of actor Jim Carrey, but as a medical doctor myself I would prefer him to stick to brilliant comedy. His apoplectic tweets directed at “Governor Moonbeam,” er, I mean Governor Brown, belie his unscientific thought process and ideology. There is no credible scientific evidence linking childhood vaccines with Autism.

Anti-Vaxxer crusader Dr. Sherri Tenpenny unleashed a furious post on Facebook. Here is a sample of her rant: “Encourage everyone to fight…but if you’re going to fold, to be sure to take before/after pictures of your kids….And be sure to tell them you love them before you get them injected. You may not have another chance for them to understand your words if they die – or if they become maimed or autistic – from all the shots.”

peter griffin

To quote Peter Griffin of Family Guy, what “really grinds my gears” are folks who hyper-focus upon their own liberty to the detriment of other individuals’ autonomy. They impose their poor decisions (i.e., not vaccinating their own child) upon the general public thus encroaching upon the freedom of others to live in good health. These impositions of “free will” upon helpless children (who are too young to get vaccinated) lead to public health crises such as the “Disneyland Measles Outbreak” of 2015 that infected 117 people and was subsequently labeled by Glenn Beck as a government hoax. California also suffered from a recent whooping cough outbreak thanks to LA’s Anti-Vaxxer parents.

The anti-science “Vaccine-Truther” movement finds strange bedfellows in Dr. Rand Paul, M.D. and Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. Listen here to my performance of “She Don’t Use Vaccines” about the Anti-Vaxxer Movement:


I know a Mom who hates vaccines
She don’t follow public health warnings
Her kid is like a Petri-Dish
The other parents often wish that she’d use Va…ccines

She thinks vaccines are a Communist plot
She don’t believe me when I say they’re not
She don’t like the government, she don’t like me
Now we’ve got measles in our country – She don’t use Va…ccines

She loves her liberty and her free will
Her stupid choices can make your child ill
She don’t care what happens to you
She’s an “Anti-Vaxxer” and it is true – She don’t use Va…ccines

Strangely enough, the same “libertarian-ish” people who were so nonchalant about measles outbreaks and mandatory vaccines had hysterical reactions about the “Great Ebola Scare” of 2014. Chris Christie was “Livin’ In Fear Of Ebola” when he quarantined nurse Kaci Hickox. “Small government” politicians suddenly are simpatico with autocratic rule when it serves their purposes (in the case of Christie, grandstanding for the wingnut right).


She’s into foreign travel – globe trotting across the world
She is a frequent flyer – a sophisticated Girl
I’m into paranoia – about infectious disease
I get really worried – anytime I hear her sneeze

She’ll make you lose your protective gear to kiss her in the rain
But if she started vomiting I think I’d go insane
No I couldn’t stand the pain

Shut the borders down! Livin’ in fear of Ebola
Travel ban right now! Livin’ in fear of Ebola
I’ll be at my house! Livin’ in fear of Ebola
You’ll never get me out! Livin’ in fear of Ebola

Woke up in the CDC – in a quarantined hotel
Doctors said I’m gonna make it – it was just a false alarm

You shouldn’t share her water – you should pour it down the drain
Fox News is on high alert – they make me lose my brain
The Hysteria’s insane – C’mon!

Shut the borders down! Livin’ in fear of Ebola
Travel ban right now! Livin’ in fear of Ebola
I’ll be at my house! Livin’ in fear of Ebola
You’ll never get me out! Livin’ in fear of Ebola

Song credits:
“She don’t use Vaccines”
Lyrics by James Rustad.
Copyright 2015.
All Rights Reserved.

“Livin’ in Fear of Ebola”
Lyrics written by James Rustad. Copyright 2014. All Rights Reserved.