Among the first characters on whom we ever reported at BU, Ali Akbar is a convicted petty felon with a years-long, well-documented history of running fraudulent conservative political enterprises. In his latest scheme, Akbar seems to have been running another victimization hoax aimed at collecting donations from gullible conservatives, this time on behalf of a trendy young black conservative.

Disgust with Akbar’s endless shady dealings and constant fabrications is a nonpartisan phenomenon. While his smearing and harassment of liberals is what drew my attention to Akbar’s story in 2012, his first and last victims have always been conservatives. Akbar preys on weakness for contrived drama, lies constantly, and misuses the proceeds of the associated fundraising for his own comfort, secure in the knowledge that conservatives almost never read anyone out of the movement for that kind of behavior.

But this time, he may have finally gone too far, and the character of his duplicity may be worse than BU previously understood. Akbar’s reputation among black conservatives has reached its nadir amid a swirl of sinister rumors that he has been doing much worse than simply run another scam. As this story develops, new light is being shed on old data that we have heretofore left unreported because we lacked a context in which to present it.

C. J. Pearson
C. J. Pearson

Akbar’s latest friend is a 12 year-old darling of Fox News…and a total fraud

Coreco Ja’Quan ‘C.J.’ Pearson came to prominence in February of this year with a ‘viral video’ responding to President Obama’s YouTube interviews, even publishing his own website in April. Akbar, whose self-identification with online video marketing goes back to at least 2010, has been managing Pearson’s online presence. Last week, the young Mr. Pearson got into a Twitter flame war with ‘Mona Brown’ @MonaB2010, a spat which turned into an all-too-familiar social media drama. Claiming that Mona had threatened his family with harm and lawsuits — a claim that even other conservatives dispute — Pearson then received fawning attention from Fox News, conservative politicians, and right wing websites. Meanwhile, Akbar began fundraising in his name at under the auspices of Vice & Victory and the National Bloggers Club, collecting thousands of dollars. As I’ve reported here at BU before, neither organization exists as a legally-owned Akbar property. Little wonder that the Peach Pundit, who has done the best reporting so far on this tempest-in-a-Twitter-teapot, questions the legitimacy of the whole episode.

This entire situation is so utterly weird, you may be tempted to ask what you’re seeing, and maybe even wonder if you’re being drawn into a scenario that seems to be constructed for a specific purpose.

Indeed! Starting all the way back with the mysterious ‘Dan Wolfe’ and the fake ‘Betty & Veronica’ characters who showed up during Wienergate, Akbar has been at the periphery of so many hoaxes and sockpuppet-driven Twitter dramas that I have lost count. On his Facebook wall, Akbar has been claiming that CJ’s parents were planning to sue ‘Mona Brown,’ which is classic contrived Akbar-drama. Peach Pundit has reason to believe that Pearson is just playing games with the suddenly-unavailable, almost certainly-nonexistent ‘Mona Brown of Baltimore, Maryland,’ and this is not unreasonable, for if he wanted to pull off that sort of stunt Pearson could find no better mentor than Akbar.

In June, Pearson signed on with DBC Management Company, an “event, personality, and asset management company” that is one of a constellation of political ventures belonging to Dustin Beth, a University of Wisconsin student whose initials form the DB in the name of the concern. This week, DBC Management had to write off Pearson as a talent upon discovering the lad had forged his father’s signature on the contract. Luckily for us, the Peach Pundit blog obtained a copy of Beth’s dismissal letter, which contains this key paragraph:

(Y)our relationship with Ali Akbar was concerning to me from the beginning and as your presumptive business manager- I warned you that doing business with Ali would not be in your best interest. Despite these warnings, you were confident that Ali would only be managing your online presence however this has proven to be yet another fabrication.

Indeed! Poor, persecuted young Mr. Pearson’s fake victimization narrative caught up with him this week when Mr. Beth finally contacted his parents to discuss the alleged experience with online bullying — and learned instead that C.J. has been hoodwinking everyone the whole time time. “(O)n several occasions you flagrantly lied as to why your parents were not able to meet via telephone to discuss the plans for your future as well as discuss the contract,” Beth’s termination letter reads. “When I spoke to your father…He also stated that he was not aware of any of the Twitter threats that you received (or frankly many of the things you have been doing).”

Wayne Dupree
Wayne Dupree

Black conservatives repudiate Akbar…and hint at something awful?

On Tuesday night, Akbar went after award-winning conservative blogger Wayne Dupree for discussing the Peach Pundit piece. As usual, Akbar’s bluster included legal threats and demands for a retraction. Tagging black conservatives to the thread, Akbar invited a public shunning, and Dupree’s language seemed a bit, um, colored:

Indeed! BU showed you Ali Akbar’s deleted gay dating profile a long time ago. Of course, there’s a big difference between hypocrisy among consenting Republican adults, and playing Josh Duggar with young black conservative boys, so exactly what does does Mr. Dupree mean  by “untouched,” I wonder? I’ve reached out for a better understanding of this sudden revulsion for Akbar and these hints of impropriety among the black conservative band of the Twitter spectrum. In the meantime, consider these old tweets regarding Akbar’s peculiar relationship to a white male who was a minor at the time:


In 2013, Matthew @MosleyMosley2 was a freshman football player at a Florida High School. Did he meet Akbar in real life during one of the political operator’s tea party organizing missions? We don’t know, and of course Akbar won’t be forthcoming. But it’s curious that Akbar’s young friend would have both his HBO and Netflix logins, because as far as I can tell, they’re not actually related, despite having spent time together in the real world.


This minor’s very first tweet was to Akbar, who called him “my best friend” on another occasion. And he would have to be, since most people never share their passwords with anyone, even a close cousin.


Is this Akbar being gay-funny with a 15 year-old conservative recruit, or is this Akbar gay-grooming a minor? I report, you decide!


It’s always so hard to tell with Akbar. For example, is he being “urban” with this drug reference, or is he admitting how much he hates getting razzed about staying in the closet?


What sort of party is Akbar really holding with these kids?

Under Akbar’s tutelage, C.J. has already been “mentored” into going behind his parents’ backs, forging their signatures, and lying to them. Pearson has publicly split with Akbar and now wants the donations returned, but the move is too late to preserve the young man’s speaking contract or fix the damage to his career. And while we don’t know exactly what Akbar has been up to in his private meetings with all these young, black conservative boys, I have seen enough shudder-inducing tweets to give me the creeps.

Measured by a simple ratio of successes and failures, Akbar is one of the worst conservative activists in America, having backed fringe loser candidates from sea to shining sea. He’s not ashamed of his record, either: to Akbar, being winless just underlines his hip disregard for conventional politics. But you would also expect that consultants whose candidates all consistently fail, and who reject party insiders so vehemently, would eventually pay some sort of price for their rebelliousness. Akbar defies that logic by continuing to enjoy high-level friends and access within the GOP and the conservative movement.

In studying Akbar, there are two different rumors abounding among my nameless sources which explain his continued power: (1) that he has ‘leverage’ or dirt on important conservatives, and that (2) Akbar is CPAC’s go-to man for ‘party favors’ like cocaine, aka “chapstick.” These explanations are not mutually exclusive, either, and if there is any truth to them at all then Akbar should be kept as far away as possible from all budding young conservatives for all time.

52 thoughts on “Ali Akbar’s Latest Tea Party Scam Is His Most Disturbing Yet”
  1. And he once derided me as a drug-taking socialist.

    Yeah, I smoke pot and I am a socialist. Never bothered to hide those facts.

  2. Akbar,

    If you are reading this (and I know you are) pat yourself on the back for so diligently and dutifully fighting for the first amendment. Unfortunately in the market of ideas, some frown faces need to be drawn and you are one of those frowns.

    I also can’t help but point out that “eastbound and down” is a rated R series, and mr. Moseley wasn’t exactly 18 at the time Ali gave him his password and instructions to watch the show.

    I’m sure there is a tweet somewhere that Ali asked mr.mosely’s parents if the boy had permission to watch the show? I guess you have to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I thought conservatives were the wholesome types that fought against putting explicit themes in the faces of impressionable snowflakes.

    Oh, and Sammy Davis Felon can go fuck himself.

    1. Wait, why would this kid need to have Akbar’s Netflix account to watch a movie? One would think that his parents had a Netflix account (most people do) and he could use that right? So, if that were true, is it possible that there were family viewing movies only allowed on the parents account, and because of that the kid couldn’t watch Eastboundanddown?

      So if this were the case, then the kids parents had issues with rated R material, and Akbar just said screw that, here is my account, and its set for viewing all rated material which allowed the kid to watch the show at his age. So, let’s assume that Akbar knew the parents, why would he try to circumvent their controls over their kid’s Movie/TV viewing habits? And if that were the case, then he was assuming a “PARENTAL” role with this kid right? So, Akbar just decided to say screw the kids parents, he is taking over the kids life at this point. That’s about all I could come up with at this point.

      1. Wait, I read this tweet as HBO instead of Netflix. Sooooo, how would that work for Ali to give this kid an HBO account login? Didn’t “HBO Now” just come online within the last 6 months or so? Was there another way to access HBO back then?

  3. It’s a beautiful thing being honest and living openly.

    That way you don’t have to remember what lies you told.

  4. I always said I could set up a scam conservative project and rake in all kinds of money.

  5. Don’t you find it queer that Hoge was silent when Roy “Schmalfeldt” called me a rapist? Don’t you find it queer when Hoge said NOTHING about the disfigurement of my late wife’s image ON THE SAME DAY SHE DIED? Don’t you find it queer that Hoge allows — ENCOURAGES!!! — defamation of the most foul sort against me and my late wife? But you write a story about how other conservatives are questioning Akbar’s relationship with a 12-year old and it’s DEFFFFFFFFAHHHHMAYSHUN!!!! Or could it be he’s just sore he blew $100 on the little lying fraud — and the 12-year old?

  6. Hoge and his confederates are quite upset with this publication for printing the story about how Black Conservative Pundits are suggesting that Mr. Akbar may have been doing naughty things with a 12-year old lad. Just wondering if the editor of this august publication has contacted the father, who says he never saw a contract and that his sweet little sonny forged his name on the contract. Maybe he spoke to his dad, and dad might want to press charges?

  7. Well, Akbar has always been a fraud. This sounds like a mini version of the fraud that Akbar used against Mr. Kimberlin — false stories, massive fundraising, and duping other conservatives. Keep digging deeper on this story. Certainly, people are starting to talk about Mr. Akbar. He has now crossed the line and he could get indicted.

  8. I don’t know Akbar but I imagine if he’s actually committing crimes then he’ll end up being accused in a court of law and face the consequences.

    But could you define “gay-funny” and “gay-grooming” please? I’m always fascinated with the way homophobes create new words.

    I’m also curious if homophobes consider it a crime to share passwords for movie sites with a minor? But apparently it’s alright for someone like Brett Kimberlin to share his bed and bodily fluids with them?

    And didn’t you defend Kimberlin’s buddy, Craig Gilette, who served 2 years for possessing child porn, as simply being a “child porn consumer”

    This was after you joined the campaign attacking UniteBlue for having Bill Talley on their Advisory Board for 2 weeks though you and your friends kept Talley’s chld porn charges a secret for 6 months.

    By your actions and your writing, it obviously doesn’t really matter what crimes someone commits but rather if that person belongs to a political organization that you approve of.

    1. You are right Akbar will be indicted because he commits crimes. False statements notwithstanding re Mr K who was never charged with anything to do with sharing bodily fluids.

    2. I grow weary of the “Yeah, but… KIMBERLIN!” defense whenever a Breitbot crime or suspicion thereof is reported.

      1. When conservatives attack Akbar, it’s shameful. When liberals question him, it’s all a Brett Kimberlin related conspiracy hahah..

    3. OHAI there Zile! I love that you always turn up to defend RWNJs while pretending to be a liberal. It’s “gay-funny” in a slightly-scary, raging street-person sort of way.

      Have you talked to Joanne Joy lately? She’s such a scream.

      I have to say, I missed your deluded smears, such as “you and your friends kept Talley’s chld (sic) porn charges a secret for 6 months.” Nobody kept anything secret, and Talley didn’t actually plead guilty until just weeks before I wrote about him. The way you always reorganize the facts to fit your obsession with seekrit conspiracies against Unite Blue is true entertainment, especially now that Twitter has suspended Mr. Green’s API privileges for running a team followback scheme, which was my actual critique of UB from the beginning. The William Talley Burn Notice was specific in its focus on the titular personality, for I took great pains to separate UB and Green from what Talley had done, but the way you misremember these details is quite illuminating of your mind.

      I never “defended” Gillette, I debunked hysterical falsehoods being propagated around his name. It’s against the law to have nude pictures of kids on your computer, and Gillette served his time accordingly (as Talley finally did). But he never “distributed” child pornography…and neither did Talley, insofar as I can tell, so I also considered him a “mere consumer.”

      My reporting on both stories is accurate, and maybe you hate the truth and wish reality was different, but your wishes don’t alter my actual words.

      Contrary to the rumors you’ve absorbed from your weird RWNJ friends, Brett Kimberlin has never been charged with raping or molesting anybody, either. But when did the truth matter to Zile, who is always the victim even when he’s doxing other people? Oh, yes — I’m still on the same Twitter account I created in 2009, whereas you’ve lost how many of them for harassment and lunatic tweeting, at this point? A dozen?

      1. Umm you said something much different – you made statements that could be viewed as contradictory to what you’ve said here concerning gilette

    4. The grooming matt is talking about has nothing to do with “homophobia” unless you are referring to Ali Akbar’s homophobia, I am in 100 percent agreement with you that Ali is a homophobe.

      What I believe Matt is referring to is is the idea that Ali Akbar is not perverted in the sense that he is gay, he is perverted in the sense that he is probably not attracted to adults.

      It is a characteristic of male homosexual pedophiles to make secret friendships with males, form secret bonds, discuss things like “keeping the family together” which only serves to keep what the predator does in shadows and the victims victimized.

      It was a staple of the Brian Synger accusations and Ali seems to show all of the symptoms. Look above at the tweets and you will see Ali describing all of the tricks predators use to seduce and keep boys quiet coming into play. The tweet that references “blood don’t mean anything” are common references to the idea that Ali wants to keep secrets, wants the boy to keep secrets or that the relationship is somehow closeted and he should not be discussing their affairs openly.

      In the Brian Synger allegations, there were very similar circumstances. Lots of relationships with underage boys, jaunts all over the globe with them and lots of promises of power, leading roles, and severe punishment if the victims spoke up. A mixture of shame and shunning if anyone rolls, and for sure these predators create the existence of “secrets” or “deep bonds” because they are a secret society and cannot openly discuss emotions without people finding out.

      Look at Ali. To the naked eye of any adult he is a gay man, but he demands no one say it or discuss it. 10 years ago I guess we could all honor that or just call him a prude but there’s no excuse for him to hide his sexuality. He can get married, adopt, and have a completely legitimized faithful relationship without fear.

      However, ali has stated himself that he is “very prudish, and very conservative” about his relationships. Why? If it’s because the Republican Party would shun him he’s got Stockholm Syndrome if he’s still there. If it’s because he’s in fear that coming out would damage him in some way he needs to see a shrink. So what else is left?

      Michael Jackson had almost exactly the same mindset as Ali appears to have toward relationships. Overtly shy, very obviously uninterested in the opposite sex, and lots and lots of friendships with same sex minors. He always talked about how hurt he was when accusations came out that he’d hurt boys, and always talked about how he had deep friendships with these children that would transcend adversity.

      Michael also pined for “alone time” or unsupervised time with these boys too.

      I think if you were intellectually honest you’d see that when you add up the character traits how could you NOT think Ali was up to something like this? So, go fuck yourself with that “homophobic” 8th grade debate team bullshit. This is not a case of Ali can’t decide if he prefers blondes or brunettes, this is a case where, gay or straight, Ali doesn’t appear to have the capacity for an adult sexual relationship. Period.

      1. Last sentence absolutely nails it.

        I just had a realization, BTW. The mysterious Mona Obama account? To me, it looks like one of the innumerable sock accounts associated with Unite Blue. The use of the year in the handle is a dead giveaway. And who do we know of that was part of the whole UB “scene” and loved sockpuppetry more than life itself? Why, none other than Zile Ohai! I wonder how long he’s been working with Akbar?

        BTW, I hear his real name is Daniel Sterling Aaser.

        1. Again. making statements that you have no way of knowing are true. You are smearing someone who’s only crime is not being a liberal.

  9. “Akbar defies that logic by continuing to enjoy high-level friends and access within the GOP and the conservative movement.”

    … with his access to young, impressionable boys?

    … as Spock would say, “This is highly logical.”

      1. Before you drop too many things – the man who’s writing you arte linking to is an adjudicated liar, a convicted criminal for resisting arrest, dodging unpaid court costs and penalties and who has millions in legal settlements to be paid to his victims of made up stories

        1. How does one get charged with resisting arrest when the arrest is illegal? It helps if you live in a state with a supreme court chief justice like Roy Moore willing to appoint a special judge to operate a secret court with every last bit of the proceedings sealed. Of course, in most of the United States that sort of arrangement would be denounced as tyranny. It would certainly become a huge deal on Fox News if a conservative blogger was tackled and beaten in his own garage, then charged with “resisting arrest.” We’d never, ever hear the end of that story.

          As far as “made up stories:” the first time I heard about Rob Riley having an affair with a lobbyist, I was standing outside the state house talking to someone who wasn’t Shuler, and it was at least two years before he ever wrote a word about the rumor. So the notion that Shuler crafted those rumors himself is just not true. In fact, it’s a total lie.

          1. Criminal how? There are no criminal charges against Mr. Shuler. In fact, there never WERE any criminal charges against him. Ironically, you’ve just given him cause to sue YOU for libel.

          2. From and Wikipedia: ”

            Shuler remained imprisoned into 2014, and did not engage a lawyer or formally contest his incarceration.[1] Shuler later had the material under contention removed from his blog, and was consequently released from prison on March 26, 2014.[12] In his release order, the judge maintained that the injunction was permanent and that Shuler remains subject to its terms indefinitely.[11]

            In June 2014, an arrest warrant was issued for Shuler on the basis of a motion by the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office to revoke Shuler’s probation on his conviction for resisting arrest, as Shuler had failed to pay court ordered fees and fines and did not appear as ordered by the court.[5]

            On April 14, 2015, a Jefferson County judge issued a $3.5 million default judgment against Shuler in a separate defamation case.[13]

            He needs to sue those people who write that hes a criminal. FTA’s and dodging court costs and fines makes one a criminal and gets a warrant issued.
            Give it up Matt, Shuler makes up stuff – so says the state of Alabama

          3. But wait, if Shuler was a conservative blogger he would have pro bono counsel and mental midget Ken “popehat” White defending his free speech rights. But because he wrote about judicial corruption in Shelby County right wingers like EPWJ now call him a criminal, and it’s suddenly ok to let him rot. I know, if Hoge faced the same thing EPWJ would be up his ass with his nose defending him and calling him our gentle host.

            Here’s a question: Why is Hoge called a “gentle” host? Sounds somewhat preverted if you ask me. Are you all a bunch of preverts over there? You preverts having prevert religious orgies over there at Hoge’s place? Inquiring minds want to know.

          4. And I would say so is Akbar. Yet you all are in business with a guy who appears to have a thing for young boys. Here’s a question for you EPWJ, what would you think if Akbar was meeting with a young minor boy by driving/flying out to meet him to have gay sex? Would you think he was a criminal? And if so, would you lead a charge to denounce him and call for his arrest? Just asking.

          5. Brett,
            So Ali can sign political newcomers. And is enjoying more success. Must be difficult to see after all the crap that has been thrown at him. Hope Matt took my advice and got that umbrella insurance

          6. EPWJ; why is everyone that questions you all Brett? You truly have Brett on the brain, totally obsessed with someone you don’t even know. And if it isn’t Brett, it’s somehow Neal. You all use these two people as your nemesis even though neither of them post or tweet here. Brett doesn’t tweet nor spend time debating your lunatic fringe, and Neal doesn’t come here either. So, why not fixate instead on the people addressing you in these comments?

            You also have not answered whether you would lead the charge for Albar’s arrest or even condemning him if he met a minor boy for sex in Florida. That shows how mentally unstable you all are.

  10. Perhaps he provides some questionable services for his CPAC buddies? I suggest the Feds investigate this piece of shit and put him behind bars.

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