The above video was released today by the anti-abortion group Live Action in association with David Daleiden, an extremist in the movement who claims to have exposed an illegal practice of fetuses being milled for profit.

The right wing activist’s videos have inflamed ‘pro-life’ outrage and threatened federal funding for Planned Parenthood thanks to a coordinated messaging campaign.

Despite official investigations in Massachusetts and infamously-red Indiana that have already cleared the organization of any wrongdoing whatsoever, Republican efforts to eliminate Title X funding for Planned Parenthood’s family planning services continue in Congress.

Conservative activist Erick Erickson is demanding a government shutdown with threats of violence at the polling booth over the alleged issue.

Undeterred by accusations of fraud and even a restraining order obtained by one of the fetal tissue banks targeted in the series, Daleiden and Live Action insist this latest undercover footage is damning evidence that an Obama administration cover-up is in progress.

“Why are they concealing this criminal butchery of a person? Just because it was evidently conceived outside the US doesn’t mean it isn’t a unique individual made in God’s image.”

Yesterday, Senate Republicans fell short of the sixty votes required to defund Planned Parenthood for the putative crime of trying to “break even” in a fetal tissue donations scheme that Congress itself created in 1993 to encourage science and medicine.

In a statement, GOP presidential contender Mike Huckabee indicated his willingness to override Constitutional procedures and impose uterine martial law. “Every life counts, even if we have to shackle the women to make them understand that.”

During a press conference, Daleiden showed reporters plans for a new variety of ‘pregnancy crisis centers,’ a controversial faith-based initiative to provide deception and disinformation to desperate women in hopes of preventing abortions.

Intended for construction at a remote location in the Pacific Northwest, Daleiden’s new Sasquatch Center is designed around the special needs and values of the cryptozoological family.

“As Christians, we are charged with bringing Christ’s love to the unborn everywhere,” Daleiden said, “and spreading the word that every life is precious. After all, the mutant you abort may turn out to be the next Batboy. And who didn’t love Batboy?”

Asked who would provide the necessary resources to raise so many new members of the last remaining marginalized populations in America, Daleiden retorted: “that’s why we’ll have unicorns run the cryptids nursery, you silly.”

Sources tell BU that Huckabee friend and trusted ally Josh Duggar has accepted the position of public relations director for the new effort.

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