Remember how culture warrior and quadrennial Republican presidential aspirant Mike Huckabee defended his friends, the Duggar family, after it turned out that a teenage Josh had felt up his sisters and at least one family friend? See, Huckabee’s Christian conservative vision has plenty of compassion for victimizers and abusers, because that’s what Jesus would do, but when it comes to ten year old girls getting pregnant by their stepfathers, well, those little sluts had just better not ask for an abortion! Responding to a question on CNN’s State of the Union yesterday, Huckabee made clear that he approves of Paraguay forcing a girl to give birth at the age of eleven.

Let nobody be misled, a 10-year-old girl being raped is horrible, but does it solve a problem by taking the life of an innocent child?

Why, yes, indeed, Mike Huckabee — for plenty of rape victims, not being forced to bear children that have been forcibly implanted inside their bodies might just solve their problems. For instance, that girl in Paraguay has faced a much higher risk of maternal death because her pelvis and body just weren’t ready to be pregnant, even if Mike Huckabee thinks so, and now she faces a greatly-reduced chance of thriving in life. That Huckabee cannot even see the horror inflicted by such a barbaric policy is indicative of his Christofascist core, now made visible by the need to compete with Donald Trump for attention in a crowded Republican field.

When I think about one horror, I also think about the possibilities that exist and I just don’t want to think that somehow we discounted a human life … Let’s not compound the tragedy by taking yet another life.

No, let’s compound the tragedy by forcing eleven year-old children to become parents. Let’s discount the lives of girls and women, or their human right to not be enslaved by any sperm that gets inside them, no matter how criminal or violent the mode of entry. Think about the possibilities that exist in the world of President Huckabee: after he unilaterally overrules the Supreme Court and turns federal troops into uterus police, women and girls will be taught to love every fetus inflicted on them by fate — even if they have to be shackled during labor. This is how he will make America free and prosperous again, you see: by criminalizing pregnancy.

At the time the girl was raped, she was 10. After being taken to the hospital for abdominal pains, medical officials discovered she was pregnant.

The girl’s mother then requested an abortion for her daughter and reported her husband, Gilberto Benitez, as the rapist. The 42-year-old man has denied the rape allegations and is awaiting trial. The girl’s mother has been charged with negligence.

See? No matter who gets pregnant, it’s always a woman’s fault.

2 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee Forgives Molesters, Would Force Birth On Victims”
  1. Mike Huckabee is a revolting little man who should be expelled from the human species.

    How he can sleep at night is a mystery to me.


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