It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison accounts being revealed by hackers, our Threatcon Color Code is BUBBLE BATH FOR 2

  • Caught in a crowded field of candidates with few ways to grab attention, token brain surgeon Ben Carson says he wants to drone-bomb the Mexican border zone
  • Steven Joshua Dinkle, 29 year-old former Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan who just served a year in prison for a cross-burning, has been rearrested for probation violations
  • Craig Cobb, the white supremacist neo-Nazi who tried to take over a North Dakota town two years ago and was later revealed to have African American ancestry, is trying again. This time, he wants to rename the town of Antler for Donald Trump. Meanwhile, a petition of no confidence for Grant County State’s Attorney Todd Schwarz, who chose to let Cobb escape prison time for menacing his former neighbors, has failed to gain enough signatures to remove him from office
  • A former aide to Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat, the Michigan Republican state representatives who allegedly carried on a torrid office affair that was exposed by Courser’s bizarre attempted cover-up with false gay rumors about himself, claims his job was “like working with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Courser took to Facebook to make sure we know who the real victim is here
  • After a spate of Missouri state house scandals involving lawmakers sexually harassing interns, Rep. Nick King (R) wanted to make the interns wear burqas instead of, you know, telling his fellow old white men to quit harassing the young female interns. The Missouri House speaker has nixed King’s idea
  • The trial of Glendon Scott Crawford, charged with a bizarre plot to kill Muslims with a radiation gun, began this week
  • This weekend, the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens (get it? CCC=KKK) will hold its first meeting since Dylan Roof was inspired by their propaganda to murder nine people in a historically-black Charleston, SC church
  • Members of the NAACP were booed, hissed, and denounced as racists by white parents for wanting to change the Effingham County, Georgia High School rebel mascot and confederate symbols into something less racist
  • Why do so many people who fight to make abortion illegal also approve of violent child-rearing techniques? Because in their Iron Age belief-systems, children are considered property
  • I have saved the best for last! NSFW warning for kids using foul language to make a point:

4 thoughts on “Thursday THREATCON – 20 August 2015”
  1. when did anyone in the world lie and tell you that the internet was private?? why d people expect privacy in public? I say dont do dirt wont be no dirt exposed. 🙂

    1. “Never say anything over the telephone you don’t want your mother to hear at your trial.” – Lily Tomlin
      And as long as I’m thinking about it, I’ll mention the NSA spying: They’re doing the same thing as these hackers, except they aren’t advertising what they find.

  2. 1) As someone who was exposed to—but luckily not compromised by—the Target hack a couple of years ago, I consider hackers a genuine threat. Companies have to take more affirmative steps to secure their websites, even if doing so means spending more to set up and maintain the sites; credit and debit card issuers have to become far more mindful of the security of their customers, and not just themselves; and ordinary people have to get over the mistaken notion that the internet is generally safe and secure.

    2) Ed Kilgore has it right about the putzes at Dead Andy and their sudden fascination with what race Shaun King identifies as:

    [Shaun King’s rebuttal] ought to, but won’t, cause his tormenters to apologize, because nothing he says can definitely refute their claim that absent documentary evidence the man has to be white. A life of experience and the testimony of everybody who has known him doesn’t matter. And you know why? Because what they are trying to show in this and other cases is that black people are the ones with privileges in this society, so much so that white people are faking being black.

    3) In my experience, ambiguity intolerance is more common among political conservatives. Interestingly, I’ve known some research scientists who were politically conservative, even though accepting—even embracing—ambiguity is in the job description, so there’s something more going on.

    4) There are few things on Earth more terrifying than a noisy Christianist with children.

    5) Funny video, but in real life, a true, dumb-as-dirt redneck would respond to that torrent of facts like a seven-year-old: Nyuh-uh!


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