The astroturf-y Black Conservatives Fund has injected themselves into what is one of the ugliest, most racist and personal smear jobs against an African-American activist I’ve seen in recent times. After Breitbart News published a hit job on BLM activist Shaun King claiming he’s really not a black guy at all but instead a white dude…

3 thoughts on “Breitbart News, CNN, And Black Conservatives Fund Smear BLM Activist”
  1. At most, Shaun King’s race is an internal matter for Black Lives Matter to deal with, just as Rachel Dolezal’s race was no more than an internal matter for the Spokane chapter of the NAACP to deal with.

    I’d say Ali Akbar and the useless meatsacks at Dead Andy and the Black Conservatives Fund should be ashamed of their behavior, but they’re not capable of shame, so I won’t bother.


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