Matt Drudge ran with the headline today that claims Hillary is sick, his claim uses the National Enquirer as a source. Yes, that National Enquirer, the one that started long ago with stories like Boy Stuck In Refrigerator, Eats Own Foot. It is the gossip rag that people end up staring at when at the grocery store checkout line. The Gossip rag where nothing is what it seems, and the only thing they have going for them is their click-bait titles and headlines. Space Aliens Land on Earth, Decide To Leave. The link from Drudge goes to a Radar Online story which then links to the actual story told in a few pictures which show the actual source of the story as the National Enquirer as shown below.



The National Enquirer as a source is about as good as hearing a tale from your mother’s aunt. It’s all gossip and complete and total bullshit. Yet here we are with Matt Drudge using them as a source for the story about Hillary that will propagate throughout the internet as fact when nothing could be further from the truth. Notice how Drudge uses the most god awful picture of Hillary Clinton to tell the tale? It looks as if she is so sick she is not able to even get out of bed.


It is quite funny the way the media uses pictures as if that tells the tale of the person one is reading about. If you look at the pictures used in politics, it’s meant to convey a sense of who you are voting for. Even liberal rags like Huffington Post use the same pictures to attack people’s credibility. Ever see pictures of Bernie Sanders? He always is made to look mean or disgruntled. Trump is always made to look like a buffoon. Scott Walker always made to look like a clueless shifty eyed loser and so on.


Angry man Bernie Sanders from BuzzFeed.


Shifty-eyed Scott Walker from Raw Story.


Trump buffoon from Forbes.

You get the picture of course. News media uses the worst possible pictures to tell their slanted stories. It helps to make the victim look as bad as possible when telling their sad tales of woe. As for Drudge and his credibility at being a number one mover and shaker in politics today as noted by a few commenters in an earlier story, the case is now closed on that. Using the National Enquirer as a source for your headline news story is about as low into the sewer as one can go.