Oh, wait — my bad, Andres Zamora is Cuban.

(Prosecutors) said he was ordered deported from the U.S. after he was convicted and sentenced to serve five years in state prison for trafficking cocaine in 1998. He was released but not deported because of the U.S. ban on returning Cuban citizens to the island nation.

This man is a perfect avatar of almost every hysterical anti-immigrant talking point ever, but never mind, because we’re too politically correct in this country to talk about the absurdity of giving special status to one group of refugees above others, or how that always facilitates the very threats that reactionary elements screech about the loudest.

No one is going to demand the Cuban community apologize for Zamora.

Fox News will not gleefully discuss the relative harshness of his detention and deportation.

Joe Scarborough will not spend Monday morning demonizing him, nor will Zamora be accused of fatherlessness, or of not pulling up his pants and lifting himself up by the bootstraps.

Mo Brooks will not declare that Andres Zamora came to America looking for a paid vacation.

Republicans will not display a knee-jerk reaction to send all the Cubans home again; Steve Israel’s capitulation chorus of pathetic Democrats are not going to join them in servile terror.

While such sentiments towards Cubans certainly exist in white supremacist and nativist circles, they are held universally objectionable in both major American political parties.

GOP presidential contender Ted Cruz, who wants to create a religious test for displaced Syrians, personifies the special status accorded to Cubans in the United States — and applies no test of any kind to fugitives from Havana.

Remember, at one point Fidel Castro emptied his prisons of criminals and sent them to the United States, which is essentially what republican frontrunner Donald Trump accuses Mexico of doing right now.

If Zamora gets mention at all in right wing blogs, it will be as ‘proof’ that their demonization of Social Security Disability Insurance recipients is warranted.

No refugee has ever committed an act of terrorism in the United States after being admitted as a refugee. Of the 750,000 refugees admitted to the United States since 2001, exactly two have ever been charged with a crime related to terrorism — and they were taken down by an FBI sting.

Entering the United States as a refugee would also be the slowest possible way for a terrorist to actually reach the country.

But as the current wave of anti-Syrian fearmongering demonstrates, logic seldom dictates American immigration laws, politicians do.

The term ‘political correctness’ is also never applied to guns. Zamora is a good example of the unregulated arms market that kills thousands of Americans every year, but any talk of a crackdown on straw purchasers, or closing loopholes, or the fact that guns in the home actually attract burglars like those with whom Zamora conspired, will be met with a chorus of objections from ammosexuals who demand we respect their lifestyle choices.