It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to the incredibly-disingenuous Abigail Fisher case, our Threatcon Color Code is LOCHNER LEMON

  • Ted Cruz keeps racking up endorsements from professional homophobes; the latest is Bob Vander Plaats
  • President Obama has signed legislation that finally sweeps away the disastrous Bush-era No Child Left Behind law and its destructive emphasis on nationwide standardized testing. I wish I could get excited, but Obama’s own education policy has been a miserable failure in my eyes
  • After forty years of public policy favoring investors over workers, the American middle class is no longer the economic majority
  • Partisan polarization has annihilated the so-called ‘swing voter,’ which is not necessarily a good thing
  • Lillian Fletcher Elementary School in Homer, Michigan went into lockdown last Friday when an ammosexual parent showed up wearing a handgun in a holster. After district officials met with the sheriff’s department and decided to have a dialogue with the unnamed man, he showed up armed again on Monday, triggering yet another lockdown
  • Mandatory reading: a new National Bureau of Economic Research working paper uses seven decades of data to prove that white racial resentment explains all the changes in voting patterns across the South since the Truman presidency
  • Kern County, California law enforcement, which has the dubious distinction of the highest per capita rate of officer-involved shootings in America so far this year, has consistently tried to ‘buy off’ victims of sexual abuse by police and jailers
  • YouTube phenom C.J. Pearson, who recently abandoned conservatism, is now endorsing Bernie Sanders
  • Academics argue that Donald Trump doesn’t fit their textbook definitions of fascism, calling him a “far right populist” instead. Gee, let’s keep arguing the semantics while President Trump’s mass-deportations begin
  • The Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj turns Donald Trump’s dystopian rhetoric on its ear:


  • muselet

    • Five years ago, Louie Gohmert waved his arms about and screeched about terror babies! Now it’s Kimberly Guilfoyle squawking about a jihad baby! Is there anything, anything at all, so stupid that Righties won’t believe it?

    • E.W. Jackson and Ted Cruz must not know very many women.

    • Andy Borowitz (http://www [dot] newyorker [dot] com [slash] humor [slash] borowitz-report/study-scalia-better-off-in-less-advanced-court?):

    A new study conducted by legal scholars indicates that Justice Antonin Scalia would fare better if he served as a judge at a court that was “less advanced” than the United States Supreme Court.

    • Nancy LeTourneau at Washington Monthly quotes Mark Bowden, who interviewed Donald Trump for Playboy in 1996:

    Trump struck me as adolescent, hilariously ostentatious, arbitrary, unkind, profane, dishonest, loudly opinionated, and consistently wrong. He remains the most vain man I have ever met. And he was trying to make a good impression…

    He has no coherent political philosophy, so comparisons with Fascist leaders miss the mark. He just reacts. Trump lives in a fantasy of perfection, with himself as its animating force…

    Apart from the comical ego, the errors, and the self-serving bluster, what you get from Trump are commonplace ideas pronounced as received wisdom…The ideas that pop into his head are the same ones that occur to any teenager angry about terror attacks. They appeal to anyone who can’t be bothered to think them through—can’t be bothered to ask not just the moral questions but the all-important practical one: Will doing this makes things better or worse? When you believe in your own genius, you don’t question your own flashes of inspiration.

    Let’s just say Donald Trump isn’t an intentional fascist, he’s just an overgrown 13-year-old.

    • Hey, here’s a thought: maybe we can take up a collection and pay Bryan Fischer to relocate, preferably to Pluto.

    • I could watch that eagle try to bite Donald Trump all day. Having seen the video Time posted to YouTube, I don’t think the bird liked Trump very much.


    • I’m pondering a post about Trumpism as the inevitable result of a generation of conservative infantilization. Rick Perlstein said something similar today on Bloomberg that’s got the Trumpists howling in anger.