It’s Thursday Threatcon, your intelligence briefing on right wing activity. Below are the best reports, investigations, exposées, and debunkery of the wingnutosphere this week. Due to the release of the new Disneyfied Star Wars sequel, our Threatcon Color Code is JEDI BLACK and shorter than usual in anticipation of ticket times

  • Coat hanger abortions are back, only now women go to jail for surviving them. This misogyny is a feature of TRAP laws and ‘pro-life’ political polarization, not a bug
  • Life Dynamics, whose founder Mark Crutcher trained propaganda videographer Lila Rose, has sent out a new mailer promising to hold a seminar to create a “CIA of the pro-life movement”



  • Once the best-known white supremacist group in America, Aryan Nations is practically extinct
  • Five so-called ‘sovereign citizens’ were found guilty of tax fraud in South Carolina on Wednesday
  • Here’s a new video of ‘sovereign citizen’ scam artist Anthony T. Williams telling police officers that he’s a ‘private attorney general
  • When he was pulled over for his self-issued license plate, an unnamed Michigan ‘sovereign citizen’ with several outstanding warrants told police they were “kidnapping” him and threatened to file liens against them
  • The biggest loser in the continuing rise of Donald Trump? Bernie Sanders
  • muselet

    • Barack Obama has “banned anti-Muslim rhetoric”? Is that before or after he declared martial law and sent all the conservatives to FEMA death camps? *eyeroll*

    • That letter from Mark Crutcher is half bluster and half be-afraid-be-very-afraid. It’s aimed straight at the amygdala of every fetus fetishist, and will be very effective in generating a mailing list which will, I predict, be used to hoover money out of the rubes’ pockets; that is the usual pattern for these things.

    • Donald Trump’s personal brand is being damaged by his antics and Aryan Nation is disappearing. Who says there’s no good news?