Ammon Bundy, the son of welfare rancher Cliven Bundy who was arrested during his father’s infamous standoff with the Bureau of Land Management, has a new hobby horse. He wants the residents of Burns, Oregon to let his militia buddies turn their town into a ‘safe zone’ against federal government authority — on behalf of people who no longer want his help.

Dwight and Steven Hammond, a father-son ranching duo who have already served time in prison along with other consequences for setting fires that spread to federally-owned acres, are due to face further incarceration after the federal government successfully appealed their sentences as too lenient.

Seeing a fresh opportunity to foment sedition, point guns at federal employees again, and draw attention to their fringe western uprising, the Bundy cult has now arrived in force to make its presence felt throughout the Harney Basin. But just like armed white power groups that try to make northwestern towns into fascist enclaves only to wind up becoming unwelcome ‘outsiders’ and the topic of documentaries, Ammon and his associates have evoked a strong negative reaction in the very community they supposedly want to ‘defend.’

Les Zaits tells the tale at The Oregonian. Consider Ammon Bundy’s fumbling attempts at local outreach:

Some residents have shown interest in the group’s cause.

Locals voted seven of their own onto a new Harney County Committee of Safety, including ranchers, a retired fire chief, and a tax preparer.

Payne and Bundy said the committee would decide how to address the Hammond conflict. But Bundy quickly created a website for the group and drafted a sharply-worded letter to the sheriff for the committee to issue.

Citizens on the committee said they authorized none of it.

Locals who were sympathetic to the Bundy gang’s ‘constitutional argument,’ or the Hammonds’ plight, have nevertheless not been interested in taking up arms against the United States. Who could have predicted that a potentially-bloody armed uprising would be so unpopular and controversial? Who could have predicted that militants who famously used women and children for human shields would not be all the rage in a small American community?

Ryan Payne, an officer at the Bundy Ranch standoff who openly brags about directing ‘patriots’ to aim their guns at BLM employees, is the insistent sort of person that ignores a hand-made ‘Go Home Bundys’ sign to knock on your door because he ‘wants to understand your concerns.’

One episode in particular has upset the community.

The sheriff said three militiamen and one woman, one with a gun strapped to his hip, engaged his 74-year-old mother and 78-year-old father at a yard sale being held at the American Legion. When the men criticized the sheriff, his mother bristled, and said she didn’t need their protection from the government.

Later, the men showed up at the sheriff’s office to complain about the exchange involving his mother.

She had, they said, threatened them.

That is your Cliven Bundy acolyte in a nutshell: heavily armed, terrified of contrary opinions, and utterly mystified that you don’t just love and respect them for wanting to ‘defend’ you.

11 thoughts on “Bundy Militia Bravely Stands Up To Grandmas Of Small Oregon Town”
  1. Matt Osborne does for writing and journalism what Andy Dick does for comedy, nothing good. I guess they tell you what to write so you can keep pushing the same BS narrative. A complete one sided story with half truths spewed throughout this article. People do some research and you will see that what he says is complete garbage. I don’t condone anyone pointing a weapon at a government official, agent or anyone else who is there. Give me a break Matt and please make your New Year resolution to have some integrity when you write. Or just go work for the government directly, I’m sure it would be a step up in pay.

    1. People can click to the original article and make up their own minds about the Bundy cult, whose main claim to fame is pointing guns at government officials. Funny how when I say stuff like that plainly, you get all whiny and politically correct all of a sudden.

        1. 1: Not on Twitter.

          2: What that I said is so offensive? That would make you think that I would be banned from anything?

          3: Nice job adding nothing of substance. Why I would expect anything else from someone who won’t even post their real name. That is what I call a troll.

          4: I see why you like this site, delusional fiction suits you.

          5: I will no longer reply to anything as arguing with the easily offended author and his fan that still thinks Twitter is cool is a waste of time.

          Good day and Happy New Years….

      1. No political correctness here sir, nor was I whiny. In fact your whining about criticism that was (IMO) deserved. A one sided story that I encouraged people to investigate further. I guess when I give MY opinion, I’m whiny and when you do the same, it’s noble & prodigious.

          1. Matt, want to clarify something in our Brooks Bayne article. It pertains to his attempt to sue myself for “defamation” If you’re interested in chatting, you can contact me at [email protected]. I would be interested in correcting another one of his lies. I can even scan a document this week and provide it to you.

          2. Thanks. The comments on the original thread were marked closed.

            When Bayne tried to sue me for “defamation”, he had to use a real address for the court documents.He had originally used a PO Box in a harassment complaint I brought against him. This is how I got his real address, no other way. His own penmanship on his own lawsuit. Available on PDF to anyone

            I had pressed harassment charges against him here in New Jersey for a BlogTalk Radio segment in which some things ended up happening to me personally based on his appearance on the broadcast.

            Eventually, after no-showing court a few times, he even hired a lawyer from Cherry Hill to represent him, but after the lawyer never showed twice in a row, there was a warrant issued against him in New Jersey..

            I responded to the original lawsuit, in more than enough time, making my argument, also stating that I would not be able to travel there, but would be more than happy to appear via Skype and by phone.

            He tried to sue me for $5000.00-$2500 for defamation, $2500 for legal fees, in which no lawyer was listed.

            The hearing was scheduled, and the day before, he petitioned the court to drop the suit just hours before it was supposed to go to trial. The judge did not understand why he would dismiss his own suit, and I found out only three hours before I was supposed to appear via Skype or phone.

            Nobody seems to know why, but maybe he didn’t want the Skype recording to possibly be made public?

            Since I forgot to pay the counter-suit fee but checked the box to do so, I had no relief to do the same back, but probably win, since he dropped the case.

            After that happened, I had his address and I sent it to my police department and judge.They contacted the judge with whom he tried to sue me and let him know that he attempted to sue me but yet will not even arrange a phone conference into NJ for my charges and they tried to serve him at the address listed on his lawsuit.

            The server was told that he hadn’t lived there in months.

            So, so much for protecting his address in fear of being found. If you look up a lawsuit in his county under my name and his, it will probably list the address it was filed under.

            I have every single document filed in these cases as proof.

          3. Thanks, that explains the weirdness of Bayne’s small claims court lawsuit a bit. It was curious that he made so much noise but then nothing happened.

  2. Interestingly, the Hammonds’ lawyer says they do not want the help of Ammon Bundy and his gaggle of seditionists; further, the Hammonds intend to surrender peacefully to federal authorities.

    Yet there the gun-humpers are, issuing the usual veiled threats against law enforcement, disrupting court proceedings and, as ever, (deliberately?) misreading the Constitution.

    I hate to say it, because the carnage would have been awful, but the BLM shouldn’t have backed down against Cliven Bundy. In attempting to avoid casualties, the BLM accidentally encouraged armed, mouthbreathing cosplayers like those who’ve descended on Burns.


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