Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern burst onto the national scene in 2008 when she announced that “the homosexual agenda” posed a bigger threat to the United States than terrorism, comments which drew outraged reactions that she later turned into cash by writing a book titled The Stoning of Sally Kern. She also accuses her detractors of…

  • muselet

    She’s a real charmer, isn’t she?


    • ohpaleasegivemeabreak

      She’s one who is a repeat offender in this type of thing. Every year. Year after year.

      • muselet

        Oh, yeah. I’ve seen her name before.


        • Lets_Think_Again

          And she’s VERY bad news every time she makes an appearance.

    • Eleanor Earley

      Yeah, charm the venom out of the snake into her body.

  • Lets_Think_Again

    Sally Kern: a leading example of the American Taliban. We should send her to Aghanistan, where she’s find she has a lot in common with their Taliban. Of course, they would insist on covering her up in a burka that hides her completely — but that would be OK in this case.

    • Debbie Lee Brown

      She would make a great second or third wife to someone. And she’d have to keep her mouth shut. Maybe a gofundme account for a one way ticket there?

  • TheRedExclaimer

    More “small government” THUGS, pushing their hateful Christian extremism theocracy on law-abiding, tax-paying, free citizens.

    • I hear Ted Cruz is eyeing her for a cabinet post in his make-believe “Cruz Presidency™”

    • Shrinking government until it fits in a uterus.

  • Bill Johnson

    Christian Zealots have been invading the GOP for a couple decades. I believe it was Jerry Farwell or another evangelist that said the GOP is the vehicle to a Christian Nation and advised taking control of every public office from school boards to the presidency. From what I see most have no concern for any law that doesn’t support their beliefs however twisted they might be. I’ve adopted the policy where I vote straight Democrat every election and hope one of them hasn’t slipped under my sight.

    • Michael Lindholm

      It was Falwell and Robertson, but the Rev. D. James Kennedy – also paying the price for siding with the Pharisees, along with Falwell, in Hell – and R. J. Rushdoony, the founder of the Dominionist Movement and the Chalcedon Foundation (a cover group dedicated to imposing Dominionist theocracy upon the US), are both responsible for bringing it into action.

      Scary thought of the decade: Ted Cruz is a follower of Rushdoony, and was recently quoted by Right Wing Watch as saying America can only be turned around by scrapping the Constitution, ending our Republic and replacing it with an evangelical Theocracy.

      They can have this Veteran’s freedom over my dead Irish ass.

      • Athos

        I’m not a vet but I’m with you.

      • We are lucky that Cruz has so very little charisma. People tend to dislike him on sight. Those that have the misfortune to actually know him have found little to change that impression.

        • Michael Lindholm

          He leads one poll only. Ted Cruz is Number One in the category of “The face people would most love to punch.”

  • Eleanor Earley

    A piece of trash is what she is. Disgusting, hateful, bigoted, greedy, racist, piece of trash, and the ones who voted for her are no better.

  • David Rice

    I am now taking book on the proposition she is homosexual.

  • Emma Duncan

    Does Pat Robertson know, that she is infringing on his right to speak for god?

  • john Johnson

    Has it occurred to her that every piece of legislation she has put forwards is unconstitutional?
    Conversion therapy is a fraudulent practice therefore it is a criminal act, and cannot be protected by law.
    Open door businesses are public accommodations and protecting them from legal redress is illegally depriving LGBT citizens of the full protection of the law.
    And on and on.

  • GOP = Terrorist Aryan Taliban

    These inbred hillbillies are America’s equivalent to ISIS.

  • Ray

    Sally Kern plays the victim so well, I’ll bet she carries around her own body outlining chalk.

  • Cherokee


  • jiff363

    She burns in a fire of her own making for all time, poor thing.

  • Athos

    And if that doesn’t work they can simply legislate for public executions.

  • C Rubye Falsz

    That’s Jan Hooks. And she’s dead.

  • Tom Kidd

    And people wonder why I cheer when tornadoes strike Oklahoma. This is why.

    • hannjenn

      Completely understandable, but tornadoes don’t discriminate, like that wacked-out crone, and so a tornado is as likely to take out an enlightened Oklahoman, maybe a member of Oklahomans for Equality, as it is to take out bigots like her.

  • Iatthend

    The lunatics have always been with us. What is frightening, is espousing these beliefs are attractive to the people around them to vote for them. Where they live, there are. This is one of the comments directly attributed to Christ. “Do not complain about the splinter in another’s eye, until you remove the log in yours.”

  • Mike stearns

    Make them dress and look like her…that would kill anyone.

  • Douglas Shields

    She dumb fat pig

  • Paul Rossi

    I feel sorry for all the normal, open minded people in Oklahoma who have someone like this trying to hurt so many due to her own fears and insecurities.

  • danah gaz ❤??

    Scraping the bottom of the gene pool, even for Oklahoma

  • mph23

    She’s probably a rage-filled closet case herself.

  • Mike Serot

    Will someone please shut this idiot and her friends up so they will stop with their retarded agendas? A few 7.62 rounds should do the trick

  • Lauren Brooks

    Repeat after me : “Spanish Inquisition”,,,,,get the picture ?

  • Steve

    she just needs a good rodgering

  • scott

    This is one of the most blatant demonstrations of being “anti-Christ” as I have ever seen! Why do they continue to empower us as Gay men and women. My love for my partner threatens you so much that you feel the need to ask me to kill myself? All RWFundChristians you have lost your way and diverted from the path of love, forgiveness, inclusion, patience and faith.

  • Matt

    Shouldn’t that last point be rewritten to say “the right side of her opinions”…?

  • klang100

    Too bad there is not a time machine so that she can be sent back to the Dark Ages.

  • Saverio

    Figlia della mignota! Probably she never had a cock between her legs

  • Sean Hurst

    I think that Christians are worse than the homosexual community, all we want is to be treated as equal citizens.

  • This beeotch should be thrown out of office…. but of course there will be a lot of Republicans supporting her. The face of the new Republican party – more of a hate group.

  • Dee

    Reminder. Bible is written by men. Not God. Homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time. Deal with it!. Live and let Live.

  • shade421

    Maybe she should kill herself to get to jeebus quicker…

  • jackie

    sally let me tell you something i hope you dont have children you would make awefull mom and what if you do have a child who was gay would you tell them to kill themselves what a mean thing to say terrorism has been around along time it looks like its not going away anytime soon we are trying to save lives not to kill them think about what you say before you say it thanks

  • Luna Cho

    someone needs to force Sally Kern to watch “But I’m a Cheerleader!” just for fun

  • Andy

    Sick stupid person.. Brains of excrement, life that suits excrement.. Yup excrement…