Some of Hillary Clinton’s superdelegates are now standing on the sidelines waiting for the last of the primary season before they decide to endorse Hillary. According to a Bloomberg report some of these superdelegates are claiming that to endorse her now would be off-putting to Sanders supporters. They claim they want to see how the last of the primaries shake out before they fully get on board with the Hillary campaign.

That same zeal from Sanders’ supporters, however, is keeping uncommitted state party leaders clear of the temptation to end the primary race too soon. Mark Hammond, an undecided superdelegate from Oklahoma, a state Sanders won by double digits, said he won’t make a decision on who to support until he sees Clinton’s performance in the California primary on June 6. Hammond, like other super-delegates, talked more about Democratic Party unity than concern about giving Trump a jump on the general election.

“I think if I endorsed Hillary that would be off-putting to a lot of Sanders’ supporters,” he said, describing the political environment in his state and across the nation. “It would close that dialogue. The Sanders supporters are fired up.”

Of course Sanders supporters are fired up, and the last few primary states have ended up in some chaos such as at the Nevada Democratic convention where the police had to surround the podium to prevent what they called “violence” from breaking out.


No matter how things turn out, it seems that this election season is going to be very chaotic on both sides of the aisle.