Frank Amedia of Touch Heaven Ministries in Ohio, who is reportedly Donald Trump’s liaison for Christian policy, once claimed that he had prevented a Pacific Ocean tsunami from affecting a Hawaiian island where his daughter lived.

In his campaign role, Amedia brings the reality show candidate together with prominent religious conservatives to further shore up his support among white evangelicals.

In his religious role, Amedia often appears on the TBN broadcast of his “spiritual father” Guillermo Maldonado, a Miami pastor and ‘prophet’ of the wacky New Apostolic Reformation.

According to Right Wing Watch, Amedia made his absurd claim on Maldonado’s show in 2011:

I stood at the edge of my bed and I said, ‘In the name of Jesus, I declare that tsunami to stop now.’ And I specifically said, ‘I declare those waters to recede,’ and I said, ‘Father, that is my child, I am your child, I’m coming to you now and asking you to preserve her.’ Apostle, it was seen by 400 people on a cliff. It was on YouTube, it was actually on the news that that tsunami stopped 200 feet off of shore. Even after having sucked the waters in, it churned and it went on and did devastation in the next island.

As RWW reports, Amedia has some curious views: while doing mission work in Haiti, he blamed “the curse of Voodoo” for the 2010 earthquake which struck the island nation. He has claimed that AIDS is caused by “unnatural sex” and has supposedly healed ailments and diseases remotely while appearing on an evangelical program broadcast in Pakistan. There’s also his 2001 courtroom confession to having tried to bribe a prosecutor in a used car odometer-fixing case, but that only makes Amedia feel right at home in Trump’s campaign.

While the 2011 Japanese quake sent waves crashing onshore in Hawaii, causing some minor damage to beachfront properties, the shores were completely evacuated thanks to several hours’ warning time. Only a few danger-seekers stayed behind to capture viral video of the surge covering the sands.

The religious right’s enthusiasm for Trump has perplexed political observers for months, but their movement was never really about a god or a doctrine anyway. Instead, the conservative movement has always used religion as a fig-leaf to cover up plain old racism on the right — in other words, Trump voters.

Meanwhile, Trump has no firm policy position of any kind because he’s totally devoid of ideology. His opinions at any given moment will always reflect the crank with whom he has most recently spoken.

This is how he swings from defending Caitlyn Jenner’s right to use any restroom in Trump Tower over to promising to reverse transgender protections just two weeks later. That sort of flip-flopping is the result of Amedia’s friends talking to Trump.

Donald Trump will be as fascist as the right wingers around him tell him to be. Frank Amedia, who says that he can hold back tidal waves and cure cancer through the power of his faith, is in charge of making sure that Trump talks to lots of people who believe in the same things he does.

H/t Little Green Footballs