In an article highlighted by the NYPOST and DrudgeReport, Timothy Baumgardner, a Bernie Sanders delegate, claimed he was upset that leftover food from a welcome party the at Philadelphia Museum of Art held on Sunday was not given to the poor. Baumgardner said:

“I was a hungry child. Went to bed hungry many a night,” Timothy Baumgardner, a Washington state delegate, told The Post. “I fed people from the garbage.”

Drudge highlighted the post to show that leftover food from the DNC convention was not being given to the poor, and instead it was thrown out. Only problem with this statement was this wasn’t during the DNC convention, and even though it was supposed to appear as if the Dems were denying food to the poor, they weren’t. Was the NYPOST trying to make it appear that he was a Clinton delegate, because they sure left off what delegate he was supporting?

A quick Google search showed that he was a Washington State delegate for Bernie Sanders. Funny thing is that as a Sanders supporter he felt that people should eat garbage, and that he himself fed people garbage. So I guess in his socialist world people should feel good that they could eat from the garbage. Is that how Sanders supporters feel? Are they saying that had Sanders been the nominee we would all be glad we ate food from garbage containers? Inquiring minds want to know.