James O'Keefe

In the recent stupid is as stupid does video release by faux reporter James O’Keefe, he claims that a Hillary delegate, Mary Bayer, wants to ban all guns, thus giving rise to the idea that because she’s a Hillary delegate that somehow Hillary Clinton favors banning all guns. This meme is making the rounds on the right wingnut gun and patriot websites which goes to show you how easily they are fooled.


The only problem with this stupidity is that the video quote that O’Keefe refers to was made 4 years ago when Mary Bayer wasn’t even a delegate, and somehow because this year she’s an ALTERNATE Hillary delegate, O’Keefe felt this was the right time to release some 4 year old footage in which this woman is confronted by O’Keefe showing that O’Keefe questioned her 4 years ago and put words into her mouth to get whatever O’Keefe wanted to hear from her. The 4 year old video below shows just how O’Keefe planted the idea into her head just to get her to say what he wanted her to say.


In the first video linked above at the DNC 2016 convention, she busts O’Keefe by saying your referring to something I said 4 years ago? So, to sum up, Hillary Clinton isn’t trying to ban guns, and Mary Bayer is an alternate Hillary delegate who has no say in democratic policy about guns or any other policy coming out of the White House. In other words, EPIC FAIL from James O’Keefe, once again showing how irrelevant he has become today.