Lee Stranahan, writing for Breitbart.com claims in a new post from the DNC 2016 convention that conditions are ripe for chaos, yet if one actually reads his post it shows the stupidity of his lead in.

It’s a perfect storm for rioting, as a combination of lax security, walled-off Democrat elites, and a huge mob of angry protesters have come together here at the Democratic National Convention.

Lee, every day around the United States it is ripe for a riot. A combination of lax security around the streets of every major city in the US could cause a riot, but that doesn’t mean there will be one. And there were huge mobs of protestors at the Republican convention too, and of course nothing really happened.

As heavy thunderstorms put a damper on the thousands of protesters gathered outside the DNC, I sat down with veteran video journalist Jeremy Segal a.k.a. Rebel Pundit for a cheesesteak dinner. We agree: if the leftist activists do not cause total chaos on the streets of Philadelphia in the next few days, it’s only because they choose not to.

Of course, riots don’t happen unless protestors choose to riot. It doesn’t mean that they will, it just means that there are probably no plans for it because one doesn’t need to riot to get a message across.

However, when he got to Philadelphia, Segal was immediately struck by the security and logistical differences between the Democrat and Republican conventions.

Yes, nothing happened at the Republican convention when everyone thought something would happen. But since it didn’t, cops and law enforcement probably said to hell with that and stayed home for the DNC 2016 convention.

However, should the protesters decide to ignore the convention itself, apply the lesson of Baltimore or Ferguson and take to the streets to break windows, flip cars, and start fires, there is almost nothing stopping them.

OMG, chaos might rain down and the earth will open up and swallow us all!!! Nothing stopping them? How about the police stopping them. Are you saying there are no police to stop riots?

It remains to be seen how the situation will play out. The weather forecast for the week includes more rain, which could be a significant factor in quelling any large-scale protests. At this point the biggest single factor is simply the will of the people.

Yes, it remains to be seen how much of an idiot you are. Rain never stopped anyone from anything you idiot. The biggest single factor is that people don’t need to riot to get their messages across dumb ass. But keep selling that fear Stranny, it might one day come true if you say it long enough dontcha ya know, stopped clock is right twice a day and all that mumbo jumbo..