In a speech that has to be seen to be believed, a major political candidate begs the Russians to hack servers in the United States to (code words ahead) “find Hillary’s missing emails” which Trump claims elsewhere that he believes the Russians have them. Yes, and the Russians have also found Obama’s missing Kenyan Birth certificate as well. Please, please tell me that a major candidate for President didn’t just authorize a foreign government to hack servers in the US, all the while giving them carte blanche authorization to destabilize an election and commit criminal acts against US interests.


Unreal is all I can say.


That’s the first time anyone in politics has all but authorized a foreign government to commit a criminal act within our borders. And to top it off it was authorized by a Presidential candidate no less. So, in a Trump government you can expect the Chinese will also be given carte blanche to hack the servers of major corporations that Mr. Trump dislikes. Maybe even major media (liberal media) that Trump wants to get rid of will be hacked, all with his blessing. Yes friends and neighbors, welcome to the world of a Trump government, where crime is OK, and committing crime is just part of doing business where no one is ever held to account for it.