young soldier

A car filled with several men and a baby in body armor and semi automatic weapons was pulled over in a Lexington Kentucky Walmart. The men told police they were preparing for doomsday and need more supplies. Police questioned them further and they were released without charges. So, this one should be filed under “3 men and a baby ready to die because the end times are here” basket. Literally unreal that no charges were filed. What about endangering the life of a baby or drug charges? Nope, can’t find any charges to throw at them, not even a traffic violation. Now of course if they were African Americans they would all be dead, up to and including the baby.

Lt Jackie Newman said that when Lexington police officers got the three men out of the car about 11:15 p.m., they said were preparing for doomsday and needed supplies. The men were armed with pistols and semi-automatic rifles, police said. A license is not required to have semi-automatic weapons in a car, police said.

Police also found some marijuana in the car.

So, to sum up, white guys with body armor and semi-automatic weapons and marijuana riding along with a baby in the car get a free pass to possibly go on a rampage later on, while African Americans pulling out their drivers licenses get shot dead. Yep, makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?