Peter Schweizer, editor at large of Breitbart news and author of the documentary “Clinton Cash” now claims he knows that the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation over some gobbledygook half assed bullshit he produced for the Wall Street Journal. His claims that the Clinton Foundation have deep ties to the Russian government have pretty much fallen flat. These stories he produces are all about countering the narrative that Donald Trump has deep Russian ties with his association with Paul Manafort. You see you have to counter the narrative when it starts getting ahead of you, and Schweizer is attempting to do that, albeit rather poorly at the moment.

Being that Breitbart News is now an arm of the Donald Trump organization, one expects that Trump will attempt at some point to “accuse the accusers” who have recently accused him of very deep ties to Russian oligarchs and Russian hackers who recently were accused of hacking the DNC email server. In Schweizer’s case, he needs to counter this Trump/Putin connection with a Clinton Foundation/Putin connection to make it seem as if Trump isn’t the only one with Russian connections.

However, no matter which connection is worthy of the story, the fact that Schweizer is now claiming that the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation is truly a very misguided attempt at spreading false rumors and gossip that he seems to have manufactured out of thin air. You see, the FBI NEVER, EVER, comments on targets for investigation to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, for to do so would potentially ruin an otherwise clean investigation.

So, Schweizer is just making up shit as he goes along. Because not only would the FBI never comment on the subject of any investigation, they certainly wouldn’t ever tell a dirtbag like Schweizer that they were investigating someone. because you know, he would go out and tell the world about it, thus potentially ruining an investigation.

So, to sum up, Schweizer is talking out of his glory hole and not from any fact based material, because he wouldn’t have access or clearance for such material, and neither would anyone else. Thus he is a damn liar for even asserting that he knows anything about any FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation. But that doesn’t stop him from going on Fox News and HANNITY and telling the world this bullshit either.

SCHWEIZER: I can tell you, Sean — I can’t go into detail. But I can tell you on personal experience that I know the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation.

HANNITY: They’re doing it now? They’re doing it today? Have they questioned you, if you don’t mind me asking?

SCHWEIZER: I’d rather not talk about that, but they are doing it at present.

HANNITY: All right, I won’t press you any further. I understand. Thank you. Appreciate it, Peter Schweizer.

SCHWEIZER: Thank you.

Yes, zero facts, zero attribution, and only his word, which at this point doesn’t add up to anything other than bullshit. Note how HANNITY never drills him on where he obtained these so called facts. He just lets him slide on producing anything even remotely relevant, and allows him to further smear the Clinton Foundation without any real facts to prove his case.

So, in essence, anyone could say that Pete Schweizer is under investigation by the FBI for lying to them about many people doing many different things. And you know what lying to the FBI would get you right? But, no one has to elaborate further on Schweizer being under investigation for Obstruction of Justice, nope, its just something said without any factual basis to support it. But thank you for playing, please do come again. Also, lest we forget, it was Schweizer who was Sarah Palin’s foreign policy advisor.