Trump claims on The O’Reilly Factor that because Voter ID laws have been recently overturned that voters who are not forced to show ID at the polls will vote 10 times. In other words, the voters are all going to commit fraud because you know, the voters are criminals. They will vote 10 times just because they can.

Donald Trump is reiterating his concerns that the November election will be “rigged” against him, speculating that people without proper identification “are going to vote 10 times.”The Republican presidential nominee says, “You don’t have to have voter ID to now go in and vote and it’s a little bit scary.”

Trump seems to be going off the rails recently, many have now been calling for him to step aside. The GOP is in tatters and Trump has almost zero support with traditional Republicans. Despite Trump saying that all he does is win, win, win, he has recently lost much more than he has won.