Hispanic soldier saying pledge of allegiance

Priorities USA has launched an ad in battleground states with large hispanic populations. According to a story out in The Hill, this ad shows Trump’s racism and hatred of hispanics, especially those fighting for our country.

The ads feature a woman identified as the mother of two sons who served in the military and “is dismayed by Trump’s offensive and divisive language regarding Hispanics,” Priorities USA said in a statement.

The woman is identified by her first name, Careliz. No last name is given.

“My sons fight for our country,” she says in the ad. “And when Donald Trump says we don’t deserve to live here, it’s just a slap in the face.”

Both spots are running on Facebook, Instagram and online video pre-roll in the three swing states and are supported by a six-figure buy targeting Hispanics, according to the Priorities USA statement.

“Donald Trump has repeatedly demeaned millions of Americans with bigoted insults and name calling,” said Justin Barasky, communications director at Priorities USA.

“He has questioned an American judge of Mexican descent and even threatened to form a deportation force that would tear families apart and send our economy into a tailspin.”

“Careliz and the military service of her two sons are a reminder that we are stronger together and that Donald Trump is simply unfit to be president,” Barasky added.

Welcome to the general Trump. It only gets harder from here.