In another post from the stupid department, and now carried in massive red headlines on DrudgeReport, Mike Cernovich, a Hillary hater who has been promoting the Hillary health issues has now claimed that the source behind the DNC hack was in fact recently murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich.


Yes indeed folks, anything Trump can do to get rid of that Russian hacker designation is going to get massive coverage — up to and including stupid right wing conspiracy stories about Rich, which the right wingers have been gloating about for weeks. You know, these right wingers love to say that Hillary is a murderer. They’ve been saying this since the Vince Foster suicide.

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Now, Cernovich and Hoft, are claiming that Russian sleeper agent Julian Assange from Wikileaks actually got the DNC files from Seth Rich, and that the DNC murdered him because they found out about it. And of course this was published by the “Stupidest Man On The Internet” (SMOTI) Jim Hoft, from GatewayPundit fame. Hoft, who gets massive man love from his main squeeze Matt Drudge, is often DrudgeReports main links on his website. The two of them have such a love crush on one another, one wonders if they actually live together and post from the same house.

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At any rate, this lunacy is now gaining traction on right wing nutbag websites, all courtesy of course of Jim Hoft and Matt Drudge, who have decided to further glorify the senseless murder of Seth Rich.


Russian agent Assange has now placed a 20 thousand dollar reward for information on the murder. Only problem with that is that there isn’t any new information that will come forth that hasn’t already been presented to the police. What does this Russian agent Assange want? Well he wants to think that the murderer will just come forward for 20k to confess, that’s all.


Anyway, its now more than clear that Assange is a Russian sleeper agent who is openly attacking the DNC and Hillary Clinton, and is deeply in bed with Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, Russian Oligarchs and Vladimir Putin, who has been embarrassed on the world stage with the recent DNC hack. Trust Assange? Never. The guy is a serial rapist coward in bed with the Russians who is afraid to face justice for his criminality. Nothing is more clear about it than that.