Blackwater founder Erik Prince on the Milo podcast claims that Trump’s bankruptcies were OK, and exclaimed “That’s Capitalism.” Yes, going broke and burning your creditors out of money is OK, that’s capitalism. In other words, capitalism is about stealing, and according to Prince, stealing is OK because that’s capitalism.

“I like the fact that Donald Trump has been in the private sector. I like that he’s had to make a payroll. I like that he’s had to do projects” replied Prince. “I even like some of his projects that have gone bankrupt, because people that do things, and build things, and try things, sometimes fail at doing it, and that’s the strength of the American capitalist system. He sat across the table and fired people that didn’t perform in his business, and I’m not talking about the TV show, I’m talking about when hundreds of millions of dollars are on the line.”

So, let’s see. When creditors get burned, jobs are lost, people don’t get promised wages, and don’t get to pay their bills. And because those poor slobs people who worked for slave wages on Trump’s properties didn’t get paid, they couldn’t pay their bills, rents, mortgages, or buy food to feed their families. Yeah, that’s OK, because that’s capitalism. It did add to Trump’s bottom line though. Those bankruptcies added a new toilet made of solid gold in Trump’s suite. Paid for another 200 foot yacht, another jet, another 4 million dollar watch, but yeah, that’s capitalism.

So, the next time you are in bankruptcy court make sure and tell the Judge, That’s Capitalism. Also, make sure when you are at the creditors hearing and they are seeking the money you stole from them, make sure you tell them, That’s Capitalism. Tell them Erik Prince sends his regards.