Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has appeared to concede that he is behind Hillary Clinton in the polls and faces an uphill task to win November’s election, marking a change from his previously confident stance. As the construction magnate campaigns in Florida, he has slid from his usual braggadocio attitude—vowing that he is going to defeat…

  • Wuulf

    “He’s going to have a very very nice long vacation.” Trump is already on vacation. He doesn’t seem to be doing anything that will get him elected.

  • iamnotascientist

    Yeah…something seems to have put a dent in his armour. I still don’t have any real confidence in the outcome however. Is that weird? Feels weird…

    I have no big beef with Clinton. She’s a Washington insider and has been for a long time. She is an old school politician. I’m not really all that concerned about these scandals. I hope she wins and I am mostly 100% sure that I think she will win by a wide margin.

    But some people sure have a big beef with her. And a lot of those people voted for Obama. Enough of those democrats have to get behind her.

    trump has said and done things that would have condemned a normal candidate in a normal primary season to an early exit. Not this year. He’s fading fast. But complacency isn’t an option. This is a weird time.