What is it about right wing-nuts and perjury charges? Its like right wing-nuts want their women in cages, barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen cooking their dinner, or in jail. I can see it now, “get in that kitchen and cook me some dinner woman, or you’re going to jail for perjury or whatever.” Charges they will of course make up before the supper bell rings for whatever they perceive to be wrong with the woman they don’t like.

Its like right wingers are all sanctimonious and pious and never lie or obfuscate the truth. I tell you what, let’s build that wall, except not around Mexico, let’s build that wall around right wingers and then drop them in by parachute so they can live and love with other sanctimonious pious pie in the sky nut-bags. Then we will all feel safer because we will know that they live behind a wall from which they will never escape from to bother us again.

As for the story, some GOP Chairs have written a letter to Attorney General Lynch demanding that she prosecute Hillary Clinton for perjury. You know, because their snowflake feelings have been hurt, and also because they prefer their women in cages all scared of them and such.

The Republican chairs of two House Committees have followed up their letter to the U.S. attorney in D.C. about charging Hillary Clinton with perjury with another letter today laying out the case for why there’s enough to go on to make that charge.

There are four specific charges Jason Chaffetz and Bob Goodlatte go after Clinton on in the letter.

The first: in her testimony last year before a House Select Committee, Clinton said she never sent or received any emails marked classified. FBI Director James Comey said that there were a few emails with classification markings in there.

The second: Clinton claimed that all of her emails were reviewed and read. Comey said, “The lawyers doing the sorting for Secretary Clinton in 2014 did not individually read the content of all of her e-mails.”

The third: an apparent contradiction in the number of devices and servers Clinton used.

The fourth: the FBI finding emails that were not handed over by the Clinton team to the State Department two years ago.

The House Oversight Committee even has a video out today titled “Were Hillary Clinton’s Statements False?”

(Two House Democrats, Comey, and Loretta Lynch are CC’d on the letter, which you can read here [PDF].)


H/T Mediate