Dan Bongino has now threatened to sue Marc Caputo over yesterday’s release of the profanity laced phone call that Caputo taped while interviewing Bongino. The problem with this threat is that its empty. Caputo clearly told Bongino that he was going to record the interview before Bongino gave him the number to call, which clearly indicates his intention to record, and Bonginos acceptance of that interview condition.

Florida is a two party state, which means that both parties to a recording must approve of the recording or be aware of the recording in advance and approve of it. Caputo clearly told Bongino in a tweet that he would record the interview prior to getting Bongino to give him his phone number. Had Bongino objected, he would have had to state that he objected to it prior to the call. He didn’t, and that means that Bongino, a former law dog who one would think would know better, got owned by Caputo. But that doesn’t stop Bongino from trying to squeeze some juice out of the story by making the idle threat.


It is clear that Bongino knew the call would be recorded and gave consent when releasing his phone number to Caputo. Bongino likes to make himself look like a Christian stud while on the campaign trail, but in reality he’s acts like the standard run of the mill Republican thug. I remember Mike Grimm telling a reporter that he would throw him off the balcony:

What is it about these law dogs and their testosterone levels? In public they’re all nice and Christian and acting as if God is all around them, you know, family guys, people you could trust around your kids. But when out of the public eye these guys all end up acting like the thugs they truly are.

I just love this audio. Bongino has been on our radar for a very long time. He was the founding father of Groundswell, a group that included the wife of SCOTUS Clarence Thomas, which was dedicated to right wing fringe causes and messaging. And now the cover is off of the guy, and he is totally out of the thug closet. He can’t even begin to appeal to Christian voters with his supposed Christian viewpoints or their families when he comes out of the closet and melts down like this.

Bongino, whose new book “Life Inside the Bubble” was released this week, said his view of human nature is rooted in his Christian faith and informed by seeing the inside of a system he says is “more corrupt that the American people can even imagine.”

His campaign, if you could call it that, is all but over. Dan might as well shut the doors and turn the lights out, for he is done with a capital D.