Yes, according to James Carville, elections could in fact get hacked. But he steers clear of how many votes could be hacked, claiming that 100 votes here or 100 votes there could be possible. Well, if 100 votes could be manipulated, why not 1000 or 10000 or 100000 votes?

“This is a fundamental attack on the country itself the underpinning of it that somehow or another it’s rigged or it’s not fair,” the veteran Democratic strategist said. “People, you know, some people believe that.”

Carville said “by in large” American elections are on the “up and up,” but “hacking” a voting machine to get a “100 votes here or a 100 votes there” is possible.

“By in large American elections are pretty much on the up and up. It is very, very — I cannot tell you that somebody can’t rig a voting machine to get a 100 votes here or a 100 votes there, that is possible,” the Clinton confidant said.

“It’s as up and up as it can be,” Republican strategist Steve Schmidt chimed in.

“It’s as up and up as it can be,” Carville repeated. “Something happens, it gets hacked this time. But by and large, you’re never surprised at something that happens.”

Its not a stretch to imagine that if someone could manipulate votes at the 100 vote level that they couldn’t in fact manipulate 100000 votes. Why would someone go through the trouble of hacking only 100 votes when they could ensure a victory if they manipulated 100000 votes? Just doesn’t make sense to not go all the way with it once you are inside the system. So what is the solution?