GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump claims he has a “good brain.” He’s a great negotiator and nobody’s gonna pull the wool over his eyes. He is a wily negotiator who will roll like a juggernaut over Kim Jong Un, the remaining leaders of ISIS and anyone else who stands in the way of his ultimate goal of “Making America Great Again.”

Therefore, when his campaign was asked to explain why Trump made an appearance on Russia’s propaganda cable TV network, RT, the response was forceful, direct and Trumplike. They were tricked by Larry King. The campaign was apparently unaware that Larry King – in the search for the elusive paycheck – now peddles his wares for RT.

Unfortunately, there was no way the Trump campaign could have known that the great stone face with suspenders is now having his paychecks signed by Vladimir Putin. If there were only some sign, some way to check…

Larry King’s page on the RT website.

According to Talking Points Memo:

Trump spokesman Jason Miller gave a similar explanation that Trump thought the interview was for a podcast to CNN.

“Mr. Trump was never told it would be shared anywhere else,” Miller said.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway echoed Miller during a Friday morning interview on CNN.

“A former CNN superstar, Larry King, has a podcast, and Mr. Trump went on his podcast. Nobody said it would be on Russian TV,” Conway said on CNN’s “New Day.”

Larry King retired from CNN six years ago. The Trump campaign must have missed the extensive, wall-to-wall coverage of that fact while they were off scouring trash cans in Hawaii for President Obama’s fake birth certificate.

Larry King joined RT in 2013.

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