Matt Drudge, the right wing media extremist and Russian pundit for Vladimir Putin, now feels vindicated over the constant bashing of Hillary Clinton and her health now that Hillary has been diagnosed with pneumonia. He has posted this video below of several angles of Hillary being placed into her vehicle after she left the 9/11 ceremonies earlier than planned.

Let’s put this into perspective. George W Bush

Nobody said FDR was too weak or in ill health to be president. Also, FDR was unable to walk from an earlier bout with Polio and no one said he couldn’t run the country. Of course in the later stages of his Presidency he was in such ill health that he could hardly get out of bed. Yet, no one was calling for him to be removed from office.

Hillary Clinton has been hard at work traveling the country with a bad case of the flu combined with a bad case of allergies, which has now turned into walking pneumonia. To show that she is a trooper, she has not reduced her schedule one iota to rest and recuperate. Thus she was destined to collapse at some point, and the 9/11 ceremony was that moment of truth where the mind says yes and the body says no. Of course right wingers like Drudge and others who have been using health as an issue have jumped all over it, practically saying that Hillary is barely alive and near death.

According to MedicineNet Walking Pneumonia is:

Pneumonia is a disease of the lung tissue that involves inflammation of the alveoli (air sacs in the lungs where O2 and CO2 are exchanged). Although bacteria and viruses cause the majority of pneumonias, there can be other causes such as fungi, parasites, chemicals, and physical injury to the lung tissue. Pneumonias can result in fluid accumulation in alveoli (congestion, with poor gas exchange) and produce the typical signs and symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, and oftenfever and chest pain, especially when coughing.

This type pf health issue hits hundreds of thousands of people per year, and is not a great cause for concern if treated.

  • Walking pneumonia (First question answer: Pneumonia doesn’t walk, but patients with “walking pneumonia” do!) is an imprecise term used to describe a person with symptoms of pneumonia that are “mild” enough to allow people to do daily activities and do not require patient hospitalization; it does not describe the cause of the pneumonia-like symptoms and is often used as a preliminary diagnosis without good evidence (a chest X-ray or other tests) that pneumonia is actually present. The major difference between pneumonia and walking pneumonia are the severity of symptoms, with walking pneumonia having the least severe symptoms in most individuals.

First, the symptoms of walking pneumonia are mild — usually a cough that can be frequent with little or no phlegm (also termed a dry cough), a low or absent fever (usually under 101 F), and feeling more tired after normal activities or simply have tiredness or fatigue. Some patients may get muscle aches or back aches, an occasional rash, appetite loss, and/or headaches. The symptoms are present for a few days usually before patients seek medical care because “the symptoms are not too bad but they just seem not to go away.” In addition, many patients have additional problems such as sinus infections, sore throats, or asthma.

In other words, recovery is about a month give or take, and one can then return to normal living after treatment. No, Hillary is not dying, no Hillary is not unfit for office, no Hillary is not health challenged. She just got a bad case of the flu combined with seasonal allergies and ended up developing into a mild form of pneumonia. Now she needs some bed rest and the usual drinking of plenty of fluids and hot soup and she will be fine.

Right wingers of course will go crazy over it:



The sky is falling the sky is falling. Oh yea right wingers of little faith, let him without sin cast the first stone.