(REPORTER’S NOTE: This event was first reported in Salon on March 30, 2016. It is every bit as deplorable as if it happened yesterday.)

When you consider all the arglebargle and fooferah surrounding Hillary Clinton’s reference to some of Donald Trump’s supporters belonging in a “basket of deplorables,” you might ask yourself what is meant by the word “deplorable.”


Then, one might ask the pundits who have been clucking their tongues and stroking their beards while wondering aloud, “Who does this woman think she is calling so many Americans ‘deplorable?’ Scandal!”

Turn with us now to an event in Janesville, Wisconsin, on Tuesday. You know Janesville, right? That’s where Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was hatched from his leathery, lizard egg shell lo, these many years ago.

A 15-year old anti-Trump protester attended a Trump rally and was treated in a manner that seems to fit all the above definitions of the word “deplorable.” (Note: Your humble correspondent chooses to not delete or redact or otherwise disguise the invective hurled at this young woman as she was pepper-sprayed for exercising her freedom.) According to a March 30 story in Salon:

Police in Janesville, Wisconsin, are searching for two Donald Trump rally attendees who pepper sprayed and sexually assaulted a 15-year-old anti-Trump protester outside the Republican presidential front-runner’s rally on Tuesday. Video of the incident shows other apparent Trump supporters shouting “bitch” and “nigger lover” to the teenager as she attempts to walk away with pepper spray in her eyes.

“Damn, Donald, back at it again with the white supremacy,” read 15-year-old Alex Drake’s topical protest sign, according to video that captured the incident. As another protester raised a sign that read, “Black Lives Matter,” the crowd of mostly older white Trump supporters began chanting “All lives matter,” attempting to drown out the Janesville teenager:
Deplorable? Not to the happy, smiling Trump supporters enjoying the view as a 15-year old girl gets a face full of pepper spray. A vision of the dystopian world to come if Trump wins? You decide.

Law enforcement in Janesville, home of Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, said that “a male in the crowd groped the 15 year girl, when she pushed him away; another person in the crowd sprayed her.” Video of the incident shows Drake confronting a man she says touched her breast before she reached out to strike him:

Another video shows one Trump supporter yelling to “get that bitch out of here,” after the teenage girl stumbles from being pepper sprayed.

“Goddamn communist, nigger lover! Get out of here,” another Trump supporter can be heard shouting…


Disgraceful, shameful, dishonorable, unworthy, inexcusable, unpardonable, unforgivable?

Typical of the way Alt Right monsters treat teen girls, while trying to overturn laws passed to protect them from harassment, such as “Grace’s Law” in Maryland?

Sadly, yes.

Or a prophetic glimpse at the dystopian world to come under a Trump presidency?

Choose wisely.