There will be Hell to pay when Trump gets elected. You betcha, plenty! So sayeth Omarosa!

“Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to President Trump,” she said. “It’s everyone who’s ever doubted Donald, who ever disagreed, who ever challenged him. It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.”

Every knee will bend, every head will bow as all hail the brave leader, Donald Trump.

Bow, BOW to Emperor Trump!
Bow, BOW to Emperor Trump!

Does anyone else find this more than just a little scary?

Watch the whole video, and hear the proclamation of doom beginning at about the 4:47 mark.

It’s harder to say which is scarier… the prospect of a Trump presidency, or that he will have democracy-hating, insane sycophants like Omarosa Manigault and Breitbart’s hell spawn Steve Bannon telling him what to do.

Be afraid.