Glenn Reynolds is a law professor, a columnist for USA Today and a purveyor of Alt-Right swill on his website, or blog, or whatever the hell it is he calls that thing where he writes a pithy sentence to lead into a link for a story he didn’t write.

If you weren’t already charmed by these facts, this might warm you up. He Tweeted tonight that drivers in Charlotte, NC, who are inconvenienced by people on the streets protesting the questionable police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. should deal with the inconvenience with typical Alt-Right dignity and restraint.


Before you jump to conclusions and condemn Mr. Pundit for condoning the maiming and murder of people outraged by yet another African American by big city police, let me put this in some perspective in order to present his suggestion in a more favorable light.

Doggone it all to heck. who among us isn’t frustrated by all this political correctness run amok in this country that used to be great until it wasn’t anymore but will be again once Donald Trump is appointed Reichskanzler? These people are willingly placing themselves in the path of moving automobiles. What do they expect? Running them down is the American thing to do. It’s the PROGRESSIVE thing to do. When you are driving home from the bar in a radical, bigoted Southern State and you’re in a hurry because you want to give your wife a good beating before she turns in for the night, these people standing in your way are interfering with your PROGRESS!

One photo, two turkeys. Photo by Glenn Reynolds, Used under Fair Use terms of the US Copyright Lsws.
One photo, two turkeys. Photo by Glenn Reynolds, Used under Fair Use terms of the US Copyright Lsws.

Let us not be too harsh on Mr. Pundit. He is only Tweeting what most of his fellow Alt-Right racist apologists are thinking. “If we start letting a concern for human life get in the way of driving home drunk from the bar to give Snuggums a good whoopin’ before bed time, we no longer have a country!”

This editor, for one, wishes to thank Mr. Pundit and express my extreme admiration for his body of work on his blog, scribbled in conjunction with Pajamas Media. This guy spreads more decaying organic material onto the Internet by lunchtime than 50 farmers fertilizing 50 fallow fields.

Problems in Venezuela? Obama’s fault.

Misogynist commentary about a New York Times columnist? Covered!

Standing up for the right to mock people? Mr. Pundit does enjoy his mockery.

A screed against publicly-funded science? I must have missed that one. Not Mr. Pundit!

Some of the requisite Islam-bashing for the acts on an individual. Simplistic and SO Instapundity!

A lunch lady at a school quits her job because she felt horrible about having to feed lesser lunches to kids who couldn’t afford the good stuff? Why that’s class bias, right, Mr. Pundit! If you want good lunches at school, get a freakin’ job!

He is not at ALL happy about a fifth grader teaching a class to other elementary school lads teaching them at an early age that “no means no” where the ladies are concerned. Pundy calls that “the otherizing.”

“Sexual Respect” courses are meant to “cow” male students and marginalize them for having boy parts. We all knew that, didn’t we, Glenn?

Now he wants to run over people exercising their right to protest. And what’s wrong with that? With Glenn’s help, we can all look forward to a day when President Trump makes “survival of the strongest” the law of the land, where you should expect to be murdered for being the wrong color even if you are in the right part of town doing nothing but doing what you should be doing. A day when we go back to believing that if you paid the tab for dinner, or if she’s drunk, she should have never taken those ruffies if “no REALLY means no”. A day where we leave the science to the people who can afford to fund it, meaning fewer drugs for cancer and more drugs for limp weenie syndrome.

Especially, I thank God for Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit. I know I am not nearly as widely read as he is and may well never be. But that’s OK. Knowing Instapundit is out there, I can rest assured that I will never be responsible for written the most blatantly stupid, offensive, racist, misogynistic bit of White Privileged blog dung on any given day.

Anyone who can so casually, with a smile on his face, call for the indiscriminate murder of people for no other reason than they are impeding traffic (and are mostly African American) should fit right in with the upcoming First Amerikan Reich he so longs for.