In 2010, a obscure young lawyer serving as a compliance attorney at a Virginia home health care agency decided to burn down the world. As is true with many aspects of his life, he failed.

Not for lack of trying.


Look at that last paragraph. He invites the people he intends to offend to come and kill him. He vows to insult the Islamic prophet on a regular basis until it stops getting a violent response. In a bold proclamation, he bravely states, “So if you feel like beheading someone, I’m right here. Aaron Worthing of Manassas, Virginia, b*itches.”

Such valor. Risking his own neck to stand for the American Right to Insult Non-Christians.

Except it wasn’t his own neck. There is nobody named Aaron Worthing living in Manassas, Virginia.

Aaron Worthing, super free speech patriot, turned out to be a penny-ante lawyer without a shingle. Aaron J. Walker.

His hatred for the Islamic religion seems to know no bounds. It cost him his livelihood. He was fired when his identity was revealed and his cover was blown, causing his co-workers to fear being collateral damage should the terrorists Walker sought to enrage act on their outrage.

The attorney hired to relieve Walker of his duties discovered that Walker had largely neglected his duties at the home health care firm in order to work on his “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” blog and to offer legal assistance to a disturbed nobody of a blogger involved in a case north of the Potomac… where Walker was not licensed to practice.

Walker became a celebrity in the Alt Right blogosphere. Other than pickup work he does on a pro bono basis for his chums, he remains unemployed. According to a story published by a fellow conservative blogger, Walker admitted that his wife checks his car for bombs every day.

What happened to take a doughy, learning-disabled attorney of no renown from obscurity to hero status among America’s right wing Islamophobes?

Could his otherwise inexplicable hatred for Muslims be related to his marriage to a refugee from the Philippines?

Meet Mary Catherine Du Bravo, or Mary Bravo, or Karen Walker. We’re not sure.

walkerandunk7The records show Aaron and his bride were joined in matrimony in 2004. Walker is very sensitive about his wife, understandably so. Any concerned husband would be worried about his wife’s well-being.

Intelligence Agencies in the Republic of the Philippines were concerned as well.


This document purports to be a briefing memo from the Natural Bureau of Investigation and the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Aaron Walker is reportedly aware of and possesses a copy of this briefing. To our knowledge he has never disavowed its authenticity. The events outlined in this briefing have contemporary news stories in the Philippine press lending credibility to its authenticity.


From the Telegraph, May 28, 2001

TWENTY people, including three Americans, were kidnapped by armed gunmen during a dawn raid at a holiday resort in the Philippines yesterday.

About 20 bandits wearing ski masks stormed the secluded Dos Palmas Island Resort at Honda Bay in Palawan province, about 375 miles south-west of Manila, rounding up 16 guests and four staff as they ate breakfast at their thatched huts overlooking the sea. It is the second raid on a holiday resort in a week.

Police said doors had been forced open and rooms were in disarray, clothes were strewn around and fridges were emptied. The gang is believed to have fled in a speedboat. Two of the Americans, Martin and Gracia Burnham, are missionaries based in Manila. The other, Guillermo Sobero, arrived in the country three days ago.

Mr. Sobrero was engaged to one of the employees at the Dos Palmas resort, also a kidnap victim.

Virginia Rosadeno had hoped that the President would help secure the release of her daughter, Marife, one of the 20 hostages seized by Abu Sayyaf bandits at the Dos Palmas resort in Arrecife Island, some 45 minutes away from Puerto Princesa, May 27.

Marife is the girlfriend of American hostage Guillermo Sobero. She was with him when the Abu Sayyaf bandits broke into their cottages, one of several picturesquely jutting out in the sea, at dawn.

A shell-shocked Filipina hostage was freed from nearly six months captivity Thursday, having been forced to convert to the religion of her Muslim Abu Sayyaf kidnappers who murdered her American boyfriend.

Maria Fe Rosadeno looked emaciated and forlorn as she and another freed captive faced the press at a military camp in this southern city. The 21-year-old’s face was covered with rashes and her hair concealed under a traditional Muslim veil.

She was vacationing with her Californian boyfriend Guillermo Sobero at the Dos Palmas resort in the western Philippines when they were seized along with 18 others by Abu Sayyaf gunmen on May 27.

Sobero was beheaded shortly after the night of June 11, other freed hostages have said.

According to an AP Report:

Maria Fe Rosadeno huddled with the other hostages in a small hut, as their Muslim extremist guards led her American fiance away into the jungle, his hands bound behind his back.

It was the last time they saw him. Guillermo Sobero was beheaded in 2001 by the al-Qaida-linked Abu Sayyaf group.

The details of his death are just now becoming known as witnesses emerge _ some from government protection programs _ to identify their captors.

Rosadeno recalls hearing his voice ringing out in the night as he exclaimed, “Jesus!” Fellow captives tried to reassure Rosadeno that her fiance probably had just stumbled and would be back soon.

Four months later, still being dragged around Basilan island’s rugged terrain by Abu Sayyaf, the hostages heard on the radio that Sobero’s remains had been found.

None of the published reports says anything about the hostage self-aborting a pregnancy resulting from being raped in captivity,

We reached out to Aaron Walker on Thursday to ask the following questions:
  1. Your wife became a public figure when you introduced her affidavit in your case against the Kimberlins. What is her actual name? Mary Catherine Du Bravo? Mary Bravo? Karen Walker?
  2. The purported Philippine Intel report matches events of the timeline in contemporary news reports in the PI press. I have never read that you have denied anything in that report. To the best of your knowledge, is this an authentic intelligence report? How did you and Kimberlin come into possession thereof?
  3. Was your wife one of the native Filipinos kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf forces in May 2001?
  4. Was she an employee of the Dos Palma resort in Palawan?
  5. Is her actual name Maria Fe Rosadeno?
  6. There are contemporary news reports of several Abu Sayyaf hostages escaping in Oct. 2001. Was she one of them?
  7. The intelligence report says she was pregnant as a result of being raped while in captivity. Was the reported self-administered abortion the cause of her subsequent infertility?
  8. The intelligence report indicates she gave information to authorities and was resettled with a new name. Were you involved with her by then, or did you meet her after she came to America?
  9. Are the horrible things that apparently happened to her the motivating factor behind your seemingly irrational hatred of Muslims?
  10. The reports say she was engaged to Guillermo Sobrero of Corona, CA, who was beheaded after being kidnapped. Is he one of the “relatives” mentioned in the Intel report? Who were the other murdered relatives?
  11. How did the two of you meet? Was her marriage to you part of an agreement between the PI and USA to get her “set up domestically” in America?

Walker has not responded to our e-mailed questions. We will update this story should he respond at some later time.

Why This Is Pertinent

A woman described as Maria Fe Rosadeno appeared on Filipino TV after her escape.
A woman described as Maria Fe Rosadeno appeared on Filipino TV after her escape.

Mrs. Walker went from protected family member to participant when she offered an affidavit to support her husband in his lawsuit against Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin. As we’ve reported earlier, Walker and his self-described “paralegal” WJJ Hoge III of Westminster, MD, have tried to hide her behind redactions in documents they’ve published on But it doesn’t work that way. When you agree to be a combatant, you can’t cry foul when you receive return fire.

Kimberlin states in his opposition to Walker’s effort to keep his wife from being deposed:

It is well known that Plaintiff Walker’s wife has a disturbing and tragic history, and that this has resulted in widespread discussion on the Internet.  In the United States, she has used multiple names, including Mary du Bravo, Mary Bravo, Karen Walker, Mary Catherine du Bravo and others in order to protect her from possible retribution. According to a document from a Philippine intelligence operative, she changed her name after she was kidnapped in the Philippines, identified some of her captors, and fled to the United States.

This is information that Defendants have known about for years but never discussed publicly out of respect for what she went through.  However, when she submitted an affidavit in this case making false allegations against Defendant Brett Kimberlin, he had a right to show the Court and question her about her biases, her paranoia, and her emotional instability.  It was Plaintiff who opened the door to this line of inquiry when he submitted her affidavit.  There is nothing scandalous or impertinent about this information and in fact Defendants have not included even more details about her history that is publicly available on the Internet.

Three released Abu Sayyaf hostages, one of which is identified as Maria Fe Rosadeno. The source doesn't indicate which is which.
Three released Abu Sayyaf hostages, one of which is identified as Maria Fe Rosadeno. The source doesn’t indicate which is which.

One is tempted to ask why, if he is so protective of his wife, Aaron Walker allows his wife to check his car for bombs.

One can also wonder who Walker was “protecting” when he attempted to set the world ablaze by inflaming Islamic passions under a pseudonym with his “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” blog.

If Mrs. Walker is the unfortunate Maria Fe Rosadeno, Aaron’s hatred for Muslim extremism is understandable.

His actions in service of that hatred, however, remain at the very least, questionable.

By The Portly Pundit

After four months in the belly of the right wing media beast, and after a full four days of hot showering, everyone's favorite Portly Pundit is once again weaving tales of progressive pulchritude on Breitbart Unmasked.

10 thoughts on “Does Aaron Walker Have a Personal Reason for Hating Muslims?”
  1. OMG, so you are saying that Stalker Walker is taunting Muslims to come behead him in Manassas to show his wife that he is not going to end up like the other guy who was beheaded? Is he just trying to act like a tough guy to impress his wife or is he trying to bait them to come to Manassas so he can kill them. This whole thing is like a Hollywood movie. How did you come across this intelligence document? I am wondering if Stalker Walker leaked it himself knowing that Kimberlin would use it in order to draw out Abu Sayev so he could take out his wife’s revenge on them when they showed up at his door. I mean, I am confused as to Stalker Walker’s intentions. Who in their right mind would use the Internet to tell terrorists to come to their house and behead them. Such a person would have a death wish or be so stupid.

    Why did he start his EDMD blog in the first place when the risks were so high? He is either a masochist or he is so dumb that he can’t foresee the consequences of his actions. Why would he put his wife’s affidavit in court filled with lies when he knew that she was going to be outed? Again, was he trying to bring terrorists to his doorstep to either kill them or go out in a blaze of glory? I guess Stalker Walker is getting what he wants–maybe he will finally get to kill some Muslims, and his wife will give him a blowjob and say, “Aaron my hero, oink oink.”

    BTW, I am blown away by the way you have connected the dots, and located 20 year old news articles and photos. Great work.

    To tell you the truth, this really does explain Walker’s hatred of Muslims. I am floored that he uses the same words used in the 20 year old articles.

  2. John Hoge is very concerned about the upcoming court hearing in his lawsuit. I know this from people close to him. He believes that he will lose it, and then everything he has worked on for the past four years will have been for naught. He is out a great deal of money and time and his reputation has been stained. He said that if he loses on Tuesday, his friend Aaron Walker could lose his suit too, and he is afraid that he could be banned from the court. The pressure is palpable.

  3. Stalker Walker is a dangerous predator who cannot be rehabilitated. He must be stopped before he hurts anyone else. He is truly a monster. Why would he marry a kidnap rape victim if not to abuse and take advantage of her? This was not some act of charity on his part. Instead he saw her as a victim who had been beaten down and he knew that he could get her to do anything, including filing a false affidavit in the district court. He knew she could not say no so he wrote it and told her, “sign here.” That is why this man is so dangerous. He is manipulating his own wife and setting her up to be charged with the serious crime of perjury. Now she is going to have to testify under oath before the judge, and he will quickly see that she is a liar, and he may order the prosecutors to charge her right then and there. I hope there are deputies in that courtroom because they will most likely get an order to book her after she testifies Stalker Walker has put her in a very bad spot, and if she still has a green card, she could end up being deported over these lies.

  4. What passes for “logic” in the Alt Right Alt Universe… this website and its editor are being screamed at by two blogs connected to Aaron Walker.

    Although the above story is very respectful to the released hostage who may or may not be Walker’s wife, even deferential to the woman we know as Mrs. Walker, we have WJJ Hoge III in his blog saying the document which has been entered into evidence in Walker’s lawsuit against Brett Kimberlin MUST be a fraud since Tagalog is the official language of the Philippines.

    The fact of the matter is that Tagalog AND English are the official languages in the PI, and most official documents are written and published in English.

    Hoge does not like being wrong, so he will doubtless never bring that up again.

    And let’s not let mutually exclusive statements keep us from forming an ill-informed
    conclusion. I am accused of publishing the name of a rape victim, but at the same time, the critics say the story is a lie. The PI and World media published Maria Fe Rosadeno’s name. The purported NBI document mentions Mrs. Walker. I merely searched the net to find news stories
    that corresponded with events in the alleged NBI Background Report. It cannot be denied that the events on the alleged NBI document and contemporary news reports match up very nicely.

    The fact that Kimberlin was going to enter this information into evidence is not news to Walker or to Hoge as it was mentioned in Kimberlin’s Motion to Order Mrs. Walker to appear at the Sept. 30 deposition in Walker’s lawsuit against Kimberlin and his wife, although Hoge did try to hide the details from his readers, unilaterally declaring them to be false accusations.

    The story comes to no conclusions about the identity of Mrs. Walker or whether she and the former hostage are one and the same. We prefer to lay out the evidence from both sides (recall we did give Mr. Walker an opportunity to reply before publication) and let the reader decide.

    And for the record, we bristle at the idea that these alt right thugs (while claiming the right to smear the memory of this editor’s late wife with pornographic and necrophilia-related images and websites without suffering consequences) are using the comment section of Hoge’s blog to make veiled death threats against this editor and Brett Kimberlin.

    They cry “Freedom of Speech.” But in reality, to these thugs, “Freedom’s just another word for stuff that WE believe.”

    1. Bill, stay strong. I find it amusing and hypocritical that Stalker Walker has purported to be a hard core defender of free speech, and has said many times that you don’t defeat speech with censorship but with more speech. But when it comes to his wife, he demands that The Hog delete the statements in the motions that mention his wife, and then tells or allows his followers to make death threats. I remember when Bill’s wife was trashed with the most disgusting attacks on earth, and Stalker Walker and The Hog promoted that hate. And didn’t Stalker Walker and The Hog sue Kimberlin’s wife with false allegations after terrorizing her minor daughter. But now that the tables are turned, Stalker Walker and The Hog are apoplectic. This is called serious karma that bit them in the ass.

      And Stalker Walker’s wife may end up getting deported if she is not yet a full fledged American citizen. Too bad the truth had to be made public about the wife, the kidnapping, the rape and her sterility. But again, why in the hell did Stalker Walker force his wife to submit a false affidavit when he knew about this information. I know that people with mental handicaps like him are unable to control their impulses and cannot foresee consequences, but this borders on a death wish for both him and his wife. WTF?? He really is dangerous. If he is willing to sacrifice himself and his wife, he is more than willing to kill others. Please, if any of his associates are reading this, perform an intervention with him by having him committed for long term mental health help. Otherwise, he is going to continue his downward spiral and eventually people are going to get hurt or killed.

    1. I read that The Hog sued one of your commenters, a man named Ferguson and that yesterday the district judge flushed the suit down the toilet. Gawd, The Hog is so stupid and incompetent. He has sued many people for commenting but he portrays himself as a First Amendment activist. He is just a shit faced predator. Where is the lightning bolt when we need it.

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