It was something like the feeling one has, watching a puppy trying to cross a busy interstate highway. You know something terrible and gruesome is going to happen and that the sight of it will disturb your sleep for weeks to come. Still, you can’t turn away. You can’t stop looking. You know it’s going to be horrible, but you are transfixed.

That was Donald Trump’s performance at the first Presidential Debate. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was calm and measured. She smiled. She brimmed with confidence. She ignored Trump’s frequent interruptions. She was unfazed.

Trump on the other hand was bombastic, blustering, twitching and convulsing. His face contorting. He snorted like an angry bull. His face turned a darker shade of orange, then red. Every time he made a snide remark to Hilary, she had a ready retort.

(Chuck Todd just called the debate “a very surreal event.”)

Every time Mrs. Clinton tossed out a smidgen of bait, Donald snapped it up like a hungry catfish. When Trump tried to get under her skin, she smiled.

(Angela Mitchell just said, “I’ve never seen anything like this.”)

According to Politifact and CNN —  it’s early so this list will likely grow — Trump lied about:

China having control over North Korea.
Clinton and Obama defining Climate Change as America’s Greatest Threat
Not being in favor of the war in Iraq.
NATO started focusing on terror because of him.
Birtherism started with the Clinton Campaign.
The number of his bankruptcies.
The murder rate in NYC.
Ford Motors is moving to Mexico.
Hillary fighting ISIS “most of her life.”
That he said “pregnancy is an inconvenience for the employer”.
The constitutionality and effectiveness of “stop and frisk”
Financial Disclosures being more revealing than tax returns.
Clinton will raise taxes “bigly.”

Now there is a rumor in the air that Trump may even skip the remaining two debates.

That might be worth consideration