Robert Stacy McCain writes what she would do for 40 votes for Romney, but somehow I’m the creepy one.


I don’t know its origin. Like so many other filthy things that have crossed my inbox before and after my wife died, it was sent anonymously. But Ms. Beseth’s response raises a few questions which, for whatever reason, she seems hesitant to answer.


Whoever sent the e-mail, one can’t deny that Ms. Beseth has as much motive as anyone else. Maybe McCain wrote something so offensive and misogynistic that even her rock-solid conservative sensibilities were offended. Maybe she sent it to someone else years, months or weeks ago and that person decided, for whatever reason, that McCain could use a couple teaspoons-full of hot, steamy humiliation. I don’t know.

She claims it hasn’t been shared publicly. How could she possibly know that? Unlike Karen, I do not accept “because I said so” as proof. She has no idea who copied, pasted, shared, re-shared or deposited that email into my world in the time between when she swallowed “Wombat-socho’s” denial with nary a gulp to when I asked her about it yesterday.

The fact of the matter is, the louder the howling gets, the more reason I have to believe that Robert Stacy McCain was displaying something other than Southern Gentility when he made the following reference to Karen Beseth, “The Lonely Conservative.”


McCain can either own up to his remarks and apologize to Karen, or he can continue to deny he made them. The e-mail was written (so it seems) a couple days after feeling dissed by the Romney campaign.


If Robert Stacy McCain can’t stand by his own words and continues to deny the patently obvious fact that he is the author of the offensive e-mail, it doesn’t say much about this air of “manliness” he attempts to portray with his bluster, girly pics on the blog, misogyny and his filthy fedora. He can continue to deny.

Mocking my weight is not a denial of ownership of those untoward words.

Calling me “stupid” does nothing to changer the obvious origin of that e-mail.

It doesn’t matter how drunk, fat, bald, stupid, demented, affected by Parkinson’s disease, otherwise crippled or widowed I may or may not be. The words speak for themselves. The “insult and defame the messenger” tack taken by McCain’s dimwitted supporters doesn’t change the fact that this married, conservative Republican apparently joked about a woman, not his wife, performing oral sex on him. I could be drunk as a skunk, bald as a cue ball, stupid and demented as “Paul Krendler”, and none of that makes a whit of difference.

McCain wrote the words, or he did not.

I believe he did. YMMV.


Apparently Ms. Beseth has more patience for being referred to behind her back in an obscene manner than she does with being asked to comment on the aforementioned obscene reference.


Okee Dokey. I suppose some things are harder to swallow than others.