I got another present today from people who love me.

Remember the Tupperware container full of horse crap back in 2014?


Yeah, that was delightful.

Then, while I was waiting on WJJ Hoge III’s “Show Cause Hearing” as to why I should not be held in Contempt of Court for letting him and his cronies forge a letter with my signature on it, I got another nice present in the mail.


Yeah. They thought I was going to jail. They were wrong.

They are always wrong.

Well, this must be the season for giving again. Today there was a knock-knock-knocking at my door and lo and behold. Someone sent me a book.



The “Team Kimberlin” on the address sorta gave it away. So, I called in the HazMat team and after several hours of cautious technique to ensure my safety and that of the residence of this apartment complex, we found this.


How thoughtful. Someone spent a buck, and then whatever the mailing costs were to send me a copy of a widely-discredited hit piece by a widely-discredited hack writer. At the end of the LA Times review of this Bargain Bin Bonanza, Anthony Day writes:

And indeed the Supreme Court has ruled in Kimberlin’s favor on an important point in his lawsuit against two former officials of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons who kept him from talking with reporters. Prisoners have the same First Amendment rights you and I have. The high court has sent the case back for trial.

By the end of this complex tale you are left regretting that Singer and the New Yorker overlooked the sound advice of a New Yorker writer of an earlier time, James Thurber. One of his fables, about a feckless horse, ends with a moral all reporters should keep close to their hearts:

“Get it right or let it alone. The conclusion you jump to may be your own.”

Yet to the nattering nabobs of the Alt-Right for whom Kimberlin is the embodiment of pure evil and anyone who supports his right to live the rest of his life undisturbed by nincompoops, this book is the Bible.

But they are wrong. I would never put the Bible into my recycling bin.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Dave Alexander, a small-time broadcaster at a tiny radio station and a special ed teacher in Fuquay-Varina, NC, revealed that it was he who sent me the book. He wrote about it on his blog a week ago, which is why I knew nothing about it because his blog is of no interest to me. Like others, Mr. Alexander mentions me on a regular basis as click bait, which is fine with me since that must mean I am more interesting than anything going on in their lives at the moment. Unlike others who swear this Bargain Bin Bonus Book is the Bible and God’s Own Truth about all things Kimberlin, I trust myself to form my own opinions of people based on my personal knowledge and contacts with them. I am not aware of any time Brett Kimberlin ever lied to me. Yet I know that WJJ Hoge III, “Paul Krendler” and George M. Howell conspired to forge a letter to be used as evidence against me in a contempt of court hearing. I know that Hoge lied to my face about not appealing the District Court’s rejection of his second peace order. (It was my fault for believing him.) I know Hoge lied in court when he told the judge that blocking a person on Twitter was the same thing as changing your phone number to avoid telemarketers. I know that Scott Hinckley of Shirley, MA, lied about the extent of “fear” he experienced by my e-mailing him. I know that Sarah Palmer of Reidsville, NC, lied to a judge about living in fear of that next e-mail when she as much as solicits comments from me every day on her blog, and I know she lied under oath about the “danger” I presented to her grandson because I once posted a picture of him with his face blurred. Once. I know Robin Wesley Causey and his wife lied on their application for a no contact order by saying that I had been convicted of domestic assault which I have not. (I’ve never been convicted of anything.) And I know Lynn Thomas lied about being harassed because I left two polite phone messages on her daddy’s answering machine. I know Lee Stranahan of Dallas, Texas, lied to the police about a rape threat I never made and continued to use that lie to raise money so he could move, money he just pocketed without moving. I know that Aaron Walker lies every time he publishes his blog about the real reason he was fired. He also lied by saying I had threatened the Stranahan family. Both Hoge and Walker lied about believing that my saying “Beware the Ides of March” on a radio show in a comment directed at LA Assistant District Attorney Patrick Frey because if an unfavorable story I knew that was going to come out was going to hit the stands on March 15, 2013, was a direct threat to THEIR lives and limbs. I know Hoge lied when he said I hijacked a Kansas City server to send him a nasty gram in October 2012, and I am reasonably certain that they are all lying about saying an e-mail from R. Stacy McCain saying that Karen Beseth, the Lonely Conservative, would “blank” his “blank” if he asked her to. And there are many, many similar instances of my being lied to by these so-called defenders of Free Speech.

So, we have Brett Kimberlin who has not lied to me that I’m aware of, and we have all these other people with no real reason to attack Brett Kimberlin other than their blind hatred, who have told all these lies about me. And a BOOK is going to make me see things differently?