Realizing that he will not, he can’t win the 2016 Presidential Election, it would seem that Donald Trump has adopted the Scorched Earth policy of other failed Fascist leaders. “These people do not deserve to be saved,” would be the rationale, “therefore this nation does not deserve to stand.”

He will take down the Republican Party. He will cause a schism that hasn’t been seen in American politics since the Civil War. Can you imagine a Nov. 9 scenario where Trump tells his followers he lost fair and square and that as a nation we must unite behind the new president? Of course you can’t. He will blame the Clintons for their evil influence on the people who have rigged the system. He will blame the establishment GOP for being part of the corruption that led to Hillary’s election, for that’s the only possible explanation for Trump losing the election. Trump may not directly call for his followers to “take to the barricades”, but the dog whistles will blow loud and clear.

The GOP can try to stave off this disaster by admitting there’s nothing they can do about the fact that they sat with their thumbs up their butts while the primary voters nominated a Fascist monster. They can ask people who love freedom to vote for anybody BUT Trump.

Can you imagine a GOP with the courage to do such a thing?

Neither can we.

In the meantime…